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Thread: Shaker 500 re-setting.

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    Question Shaker 500 re-setting.

    BBrrrr blinkin' cold this morning still with no CD player. I've been reading through some of the ideas posted on this forum iwo the dreaded CD ERROR message on my Shaker 500. I've managed to trick the unit into expelling its contents of 6 CDs after it was telling me it had none inside! My questions (if anyone can help) are these :- If I remove the fuse supplying power to the unit will it re-set itself?
    And where is this fuse? The Shaker was fine when it worked and I can't sing for toffee.

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    Hi Chris,
    You probably read my posts/problems on this subject. As you may then be aware I ended up just replacing the unit with a new (2nd hand) one. Circa 100 fitted. It's always worth trying one of the specialists (like Atlantic Sportscars etc) because they might have a spare one in.

    However, once I'd got the original one back from the audio-shop (who couldn't get the bits to 'repair' it) I took it apart so that I could retrieve my CDs. I did this very carefully although I did end up 'easing' them out through the top of the stack rather than dismantling the small and technical bits of the stereo. I'm not a tech-head by a long way! Once I'd pulled the disks out and put it back together again, I popped the 'new' one out and tried my repaired one in the car. It appeared to work fine and the problem was solved. I can't say that it'll work for all CD Error probs but it might be worth a try.

    If you want the specs for how to remove the radio from the car then PM me and pass on the files that I have. It's dead simple to do if you've got the confidence to take your pride and joy apart! Just be careful with the top screws on the dash-plate. They like to fall out and disappear inside the dashboard if you aren't careful!

    I don't have anything regarding taking the radio apart but with a bit of caution it's pretty easy to do. Like I say, I'm not a tech-head but I managed to do it by approaching it in a methodical manner. All you need is a standard toolkit (including some basic jeweller’s screwdrivers). Some screws/nuts are a pig so some pliers might come in useful to.

    In terms of resetting the stereo then just pop the battery connector off in the engine. Leave it for 10mins and then reconnect. This will automatically put the stereo into reset mode. I have heard of this solving the problem but I wouldn't bet on it. It didn't work for me. Don’t start messing with the fuses unless you have to! You can also do a diagnostic mode by holding down buttons 1 and 3 (from memory) whilst the tuner is on. This will self-test the stereo (and most probably just tell you what you already know - there's an error!).

    I hope that this helps.


    PS I'll be away from the computer from about 3pm today until late Boxing day.

    Merry Christmas one and all!
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    Ben you mentioned disconnecting the battery to reset the cd/radio do you have to re-code the radio after as I have not got a code in the manual pack.


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    Well can only speak for myself, but when i took delivery of the car because it had been standing idle for so long in the states and on the boat the battery was at half charge. So took it out and recharged it over night put back in never asked for a code.

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    There should be a 'reset' switch on the unit itself, a pen nib should be suitable for the job just press the reset in and that should work
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