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Thread: Boss 429 - fast n loud

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    Boss 429 - fast n loud

    Just saw a 429 on last nights fast n loud. If you can find in online and stream I'd really recommend checking it out!

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    I watched it too, just makes me wonder how much is a set up though.

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    didn't it sell quite cheap? on the episode last week in the states they did a 71-73 and just tarted it up - some complete plonker paid $50k for it on ebay!!!!! as soon as the Gas Monkey bubble bursts, they suddenly have a $20k car.

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    Although Mr Rawlings can seem fairly likeable and entertaining he's certainly a money maker first and foremost and your right it went very cheap considering.
    I would like the program more if he stopped mentioning the bar and grill every other sentence, I know he's a businessman but there is a limit.
    I have followed it from the first episode, and having watched Rods n Wheels, Fantomworks, American Car Prospector, Americarna, All Girls Garage, Car Fix, Lord of the Car Hoards, Desert Car Kings, Overhaulin etc etc my fave has to be Graveyard Cars.
    While the show like most of these shows is a bit "eccentric" at times, Mark Worman knows his stuff and then some, and if I had funds and a Mopar he would get my business for restoration.
    Now all we need is someone similar who's into Mustangs............

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    Think this has been mentioned here before

    Sounds like it went for a supposedly "good" price but there are a few posts out there saying how many incorrect parts the car has and how much it would cost to make it genuinely nice.

    I was a bit of a fan of this lot but I am just getting tired of these unreal car TV programmes.

    Not to tar everyone with the same brush: Chip Foose, Barry White and that boring but brilliant Mopar bloke are in different leagues to these car flippers...


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