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Wheeler Dealers Honda CVCC episode

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    Wheeler Dealers Honda CVCC episode

    By way of a little conversation on the forum I am airing my thoughts on the Honda CVCC episode of Wheeler Dealers I saw last night. I know this is an old episode on Quest when Edd and Mike were still together but what struck me was Edd's attitude to the whole thing. It was like he couldn't be bothered to be there. As if both of them had had a massive argument but were forced to work together and smile for the camera. It was as if it was almost physically painful for Edd. In this episode (about making a 1970's car as green as a hybrid) Mike is even working on the car in the absence of Edd as if Edd had stormed off for a few days. This is the first time I have ever seen Mike lift a spanner as the show's strap line from Mike has been "I buy the cars and Edd fixes them". I like Wheeler Dealers and think it is one of the better car restoration programmes but the guys have to be enthusiastic to make it work and pull in the audience. I know Edd can be a bit petulant at times but this was taking it too far.

    There must be a lot of diva- esque moments when doing these programs, especially if you don't like your fellow presented or make-up hasn't gone well before your close-up.

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      I noticed this towards the end, it seemed like something was wrong and Ed didn't care as much, he didn't even try to hide how disinterested he was in some of the projects.

      I thought the show would die without him, and in a way wanted it to because I thought he WAS the show, but I've found it's just as watchable now - and as more time passes without seeing him on tv its starting to look as though he needed the show more than it needed him.


        I thought Edd’s attitude was part of the ‘show’ and there just just make it seem like he has been given loads of work to do by Mike to make it look like they wouldn’t get it done on time or within budget. Mike I thought got involved in the practical stuff to show he knows a few things and can get his hands dirty after requests from the fans to get more ‘hands on’.

        Either way I miss the show big time after cancelling Sky :(
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