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Kindness of Strangers

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    Kindness of Strangers

    In the past year or so my parents have had to move to sheltered housing due to ill health, basically a self contained flat in what use to be a old peoples home. It has a garden out the front with a couple of benches opposite each other which just happens to be a suitable distance from each other under the current climate. Anyway while sat there having a chat yesterday a young lady pulled up with some individual wrapped toilet rolls which included her contact details. She explained she runs a small cleaning company and is happy to donated any equipment that the "inmates" might need.
    Also a local restaurant has been donating unwanted, no longer needed food parcels.
    Guess not everyone is selfish after all

    The following is hopefully not unique ........... one of our local restaurants is now offering to provide prepared and boxed deliveries of the fresh produce they can’t use in the restaurant kitchen.
    Which keeps the restaurant staff busy, keeps money going to the restaurant suppliers, keeps the supply chain intact, eases the pressure on supermarkets delivery vans and gets good quality food to your doorstep. In exchange for “pay what you think it is worth”.
    Lots of winners here I think.