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68 Chevelle Project

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    68 Chevelle Project

    So as most of you know I've picked up a 68 Chevelle ex drag car to return to street duty and I use that term rather loosely.....

    Plan of action is quite straightforward as it has all the expensive things done to it that I was saving to do on the Torino. Theres probably still 10k needing spent on this to get it where I want it but I can do it at a much slower rate now

    Engine needs dropping from 14:1 to 9:1 so it'll run on standard 99 gas
    Exhaust system needs making
    Headers need buying to run with the turbos, tried flipping the nice Dynatech ones that came with the car but didn't work
    Speedo required
    Steel doors need refitting with electric windows, locks and seals
    Body needs seals
    Body needs siliconing up round the roll cage feet
    Big fuel cell required
    Big rad required
    Indicators, brake lights and headlights
    Steel front end needs fitting
    Lenco needs fitting in place of the Glide
    Clutch pedal needs fitting
    Brake master needs swapping for a different bore
    Front brakes need swapping to big ones
    Wheels and tyres need changing over (old ones are going on my mates car, I want black MT Classic 3 wheels or NASCAR steels)
    Handbrake needs fitting
    Seat position needs changing
    Intake and all intercooler setup needs fitting
    Internal battery cut off switch needs fitting
    Injection and ECU system need fitting

    This is a complete monster of a car and it'd be a shame to make it any less mental when you stab the throttle so the plan is to run about 15lbs of boost, this wont come up until about 4000rpm though, much like the old NOS system. Meaning off idle its docile enough to drive round but when you boot it you'll be pinned to the back of the seat

    Yesterday was the big day anyway, 7:30am I arrived at the sellers house, helped move it outside and then load it up onto the trailer before saying goodbye to it.

    I arrived home about 2 hours before it so had a rather long wait......but it fitted down the drive perfectly and that was the end of that! One final start up before the strip down of the engine. Still wasn't happy as I didn't get it warm so it'd idle by itself

    Today I started on the biggest job on the list, engine strip and build.

    Love the flip front so the steel wings will definitely need to be made to do this too......makes life so much easier when working on the car!

    First things first, intake and headers off!

    Still trying to work out what heads I've got on here, I know they're Brodix but not sure on the actual model......xxxxing monsters though. CNC ported and big titanium valves

    Went great, other than the two stupid bolts that go through the block and into the head from underneath! Those were a right pain to get out

    Thats how its been left now, just need to get the sump off and pop the pistons out

    This second hand set of Ross pistons will go in place of the pop up JE pistons

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        Wicked ! Love a chevelle !
        Classic pre 75 Ford and Chevy addict who Works in Software industry & also part owner of a small LTD Shop that imports Cool / custom pre 1970 American Cars / Trucks


          Looking forward to your revamp 👍
          I take it's a solid roller, are you keeping that cam?
          I went hyd as I'm lazy and high spring pressures and solid roller lifter failure on street miles/low rpm worried me, although the lifters are much better now I'm sure.
          Then again it's such a beast of a street driven car!
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            Cheers mate, yeah solid roller with Crane lifters, I'll probably keep it wont be far off what I need for a turbo cam. Tight LSA and mid duration

            I would go for hydraulic but I have two spare sets of K Motion springs and a spare set of Crane lifters which are all new if it does fail


              Great thread - keep it coming. What about windscreen wipers, were they on your list?

              As for metal flipping fronts have you seen the Project Binky videos on You Tube. Its some amazing work on a mini but the guys have a motorised flipping front to hide a 2Ltr four wheel drive set up but have also kept the bonnet opening if you just want to check the oil. Even if you hate mini's this is a must see set of videos.


                Ahh yes, they are on my list! Must have missed them off in the post. But I've found a kit for sale so hopefully they'll fit.....if not I'll be getting creative with Series Land Rover motors


                  Semi productive weekend on the car and the sun was just right to show off the slick carbon dash inside!

                  I've worked out where to mount a speedo, switches and extra gauges I need too. However I've also come to the realisation that this car was built round the engine and glide so theres no way the Lenco is going in :-s looks like the glide stays! Until I can afford a proper manual box

                  Got my drivers side Kirkey in and moved the JAZ over to the pas side, just need to fabricate the mounts now from some chromoly offcuts

                  And the old Hoosiers are now long gone (car is propped up on old Land Rover wheels and cut up railway sleeper) But this means I've chosen a wheel and tyre combo as well as sorted out a front big brake kit to replace the tiny Wilwoods that came off

                  And on the most important note I've managed to source some 68 wing windows which was an absolute nightmare, like looking for a needle in a haystack of 66/67 and 4 door parts


                    These guys are good for parts btw
                    Classic pre 75 Ford and Chevy addict who Works in Software industry & also part owner of a small LTD Shop that imports Cool / custom pre 1970 American Cars / Trucks


                      They are, if the parts you want are reproduced......68 vent window frames are not part of that group though. Found some good used ones. Will also be using good used wings and a header panel rather than a repro




                        Love coming home to new car parts, the AP racing discs and callipers arrived yesterday so I had a go at mocking them up this evening. Fit the hub perfectly and even cleared the centre which was a major bonus as I thought I'd need to get it in the lathe and take a small cut

                        The only issue now is that my wheel choice wont work due to the dish......but I can live with running zero/minimal dish wheels in order to run these big beasts. Its a little compromise to have the capability to stop whenever and wherever

                        Going to remove the strut at some point and drop it at the machine shop with a rotor and calliper so they can machine me a bracket as I don't really have time to sort one out



                          What a crazy car

                          Nice one
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                            It is a crazy but brilliant car. Just one thought with your stonking great front brakes. A lot of drag cars have fairly light front end suspension and steering so are you 100% sure that the rest of the suspension and front chassis can take the braking forces if you lock up with wide road wheels on this.


                              The chassis I have no issue trusting as it's a full chromoly tube setup, struts are for a Capri so should be tough enough. My only hesitation is the link arms but I might beef the brackets and arms up slightly. This is a light car though