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    Had to move an engine today before doing my own stuff......didn't have a lift plate so with some scrap steel, a 6 eye bolt and an hour of my time I made one far stronger than what you can buy off the shelf

    Now a couple of Chevelle bits! Trans crossmember, I've re shaped the ends and welded them closed now but this is so I didn't have to modify my frame. This bolts to the Lenco and back to the original poly mount that used to support the glide

    I also started making the pedalbox mount, tomorrow I need to tack it together in the car then remove, start to brace, weld fully and shape it as it isn't staying the way you see it. That was purely to get it to stay still in the car while I mocked up.......not the easiest job to do by yourself. I'll have add some tabs back to the frame to fully secure it too.
    Then probably do some of the turbo stuff if I can find motivation.......still need to build a shipping crate for the big block too

    The car is definitely a left foot brake only though, perfect spot for the one foot and cant reach it with my right due to how the seat is angled


      you just like welding .............
      sigpicUpgrades = Saleen supercharger kit with JDM tune, 3.4 pulley ,Keene bell boost a pump, BBK 62mm Twin Throttle body with spacer, EBC drilled vented & grooved discs up front with red stuff pads all round , Boost gauge and fuel psi gauge ,Oil seperator, Extra 5" fans for heat exchanger, 7 row oil cooler , Braided steal brake hoses all round, BMR rear lower control arms. 481Bhp Total. & all the normal refinements you get with a Saleen mustang. production number 192 of 945 for that year.


        I try and avoid it as much as I can! Horrible job!

        Although I need to do more now........ re adjusted the seat to make it better. When I put the seat in to fit me I compromised, eventually xxxxed me off enough this morning to cut out the old mounts and start making a new one.

        I got some plate, drilled to match the original frame rail mounting points and then used some box with rivnuts in it to raise the seat to where I need it.

        Next step once I've tacked the box in place will be to shape the plate to match the rails and add some holes to take some of the weight out as well as fully weld the sides of the box to the plate


          This was most definitely a case of don't copy my method of work........but needs must. Suspension needed raising to fit the tyres on and I had not other option, the brackets needed flipping as well


            Then today I spent making up a new mount for my seat and working out how to mount the turbos correctly. Life would be so much simpler if I had a workshop or even a shed with a few goodies like a pillar drill......that being said a good cone cutter is very handy



              Originally posted by TooFast98Cobra
              Badass build

              Thanks dude, looking forward to getting it on the road

              Got a little more done today, mainly sorting out some of the shifter locations. Need to make a secondary bracket for the reverser but managed to find a scrap piece of steel with some holes already drilled in it that'll tomorrows job is sorted. Might do the prop hoop tomorrow too

              The to do list is getting shorter, main things missing now are the intake and radiator which will allow me to do a whole hose more jobs but they're in my friends workshop awaiting some work. Hopefully get them back in a couple of weeks

              Had to reverse one of the lenco shifter handles so brought a hammer out to play.....some days you get nice workmanship from me, other times its just brute force and ignorance to make something work



                Great project, great read and impressive work - keep up the postings, I look forward to them. Have you ever thought about a You Tube channel and films. Check out "Acorn to Arabella". Its a boat build in the states but these guys have had some amazing support and now generate quite a bit of financial income.


                  Cheers Allan, I had considered doing that once its up and running. Feel like whilst these are in pieces its a little harder to make films. At least when its running you can do test and tune stuff (doesn't help that I don't have a workshop either)

                  I have seen that boat build though, very interesting stuff