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Very Rare Renauld Mustang Sunglasses Being Reproduced (as seen in The Italian Job)

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    Very Rare Renauld Mustang Sunglasses Being Reproduced (as seen in The Italian Job)

    Thought this might interest some people on the Forum who own “Classic” 60’s Mustangs like myself.

    Back in 1964 / 65 when Ford launched the Mustang they created a whole raft of accessories to buy designed to complement your new toy.

    One of the nicest items were the Mustang Spectaculars sunglasses range created by Renauld. If you have seen The Italian Job you have seen these shades worn by the Lamborghini Miura driver in the opening titles. I personally think they are pretty cool and I know I am not he only person who thinks this.
    These sunglasses weren’t cheap when they were new and today they are rare as hens teeth. They do VERY occasionally come up for sale on EBay at silly prices.

    Well, there is a guy on Kickstarter who is trying to relaunch the Renauld sunglasses brand by creating exact reproductions of the Mustang Spectaculars. I thought he deserved a mention on here for what he is trying to do and give anyone on the forum who may be interested in getting a pair to pledge to this campaign. To be honest, I am amazed that a company like Scott Drake have not restarted manufacturing of these as they would definitely sell.

    i will warn you now that these are NOT cheap shades. However, the originals are now apparently in the 4 figure value range so by that comparison these are almost cheap.

    However, it might help if you also own a Miura!

    Heres a link to the Kickstarter page to get all the details. It’s a guy called Gareth, based in the U.K. who now has the rights to the brand and design -

    Be curious to see what folks think of this. I hope he gets this off the ground.


    Good luck with that one LOL
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      Sod that, I'll stick to my 5 quid rip offs from the Portuguese gypo market in Quateria.


        I'm a big fan of the original film, and it's probably the reason I've always had a Miura as my dream car.

        Good luck to anyone willing to try a project like this, and I'm sure they will be very 'sort after' ;)

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          Yes, his English could do with some brushing up there! I noticed that too.


            I saw these at the weekend at a place near Padstow. A lot cheaper than the real thing, of which there was a pair for sale btw at £2500.

            Lots of interesting stuff in there, including a Corvair Rampside pickup!