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    I can strongly recommend the X-dry units but agree that you need to have a well sealed garage to get the best out of them. I have run X-dry units for many years and found them to be extremely reliable. My first one is still going strong after over 10 years.

    At my previous house I was lucky enough to be able to build from scratch a fully insulated workshop that was extremely well sealed. This workshop had a floor area of around 180m2 and an overall volume around 650m3. I was able to keep on top of the humidity and maintain it around 50-55% with three x-dry units, even through the dampest of winters. I believe an x-dry is 'sized' for an average house of 100m3, so three of them were managing a volume in excess of twice their designed capacity.

    I could leave bare steel in the workshop for months and it would not flash rust.

    However, if you just have a typical domestic garage with no draught proofing that leaks air like a seive, then any de-humidifier will only work to a point and you may be better off with a carcoon or similar.

    The secret to preventing condensation is to stop rapid temperature changes and for this you must cut down on draughts and air movement closely followed by insulation and I dont mean a bit of old carpet nailed to the walls!

    Ideally you want plenty of phenolic boarding at least 40mm thick or double this thickness of rockwool or similar and make sure there are as few voids/gaps as possible.

    The hardest area to do are the doors, especially up and over types and for these I would recommend purpose made sectional doors that open vertically in segments. the better makes of these come with rubber seals all around.

    In short, you can make most garages and even large workshops suitable for proper de-humidified car storage but it will take a fair amount of time and money to do so.

    Many people would say 'why bother' just put the car in a 400 carcoon, but working in a fully insulated and de-humidified workshop/garage in the middle of winter is a much nicer place to be!
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      Thanks for all of your suggestions, folks - I really appreciate the time you've all taken to reply.
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