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Sanden AC compressor 4663

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    Sanden AC compressor 4663

    hi all

    may be a bit of a daft question
    can you safely sell a used AC compressor? I have the model above from my 67... I taped off the pipes when I removed it
    but I dont want to sell something dodgy to people, or something that might break quickly..
    the reason I ask, is that if they are exposed to air I am reading they can take in debris and damage the interior

    I have a lot of parts off my 67 FB that I would prefer to sell to this forum, but want to make sure its functional etc.


    I guess most people presume there is a risk buying 2nd hand parts. Moisture is a killer, also dirt, of aircon systems, you should seal any open pipes connections straight away.

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      Over years they can take in debris and moisture that can damage the valves and ultimately the pistons etc. If you seal the inlet and outlet with tape and store in a dry place they will be fine for years. If you want belt and braces get some aircon oil and drop some in the inlet valve and sin the compressor a few times. I have a Techumseh compressor from my 65 that I have offered in the past for sale but I have had no interest. I think everybody wants the more modern compressors like yours now. I've sold the rest of the system.


        You can safely sell an old a/c compressor with no worries. If this is an older compressor then the oil used may be mineral oil so moisture really isn't a concern. Any sensible buyer will drain and fill with fresh oil before use anyway. So long as the compressor compresses then its good to go. But, as Allan says there isn't much of a market for old compressors like there isn't for old radios unless its an original fit item going into a must be original car and that part is no longer available. So, you'll probably just end up keeping it as a shelved ornament.
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          thank you everyone for your advice. much appreciated ..

          I will leave it off so, the rest of the parts are more practical (brake bowls, strut rods etc , auto to manual conversation bits ) I just have to get pricing on shipping..