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Another of those “what’s it worth “ questions I’m afraid lol

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    Another of those “what’s it worth “ questions I’m afraid lol

    Hi all, recently bought this one off demonstrator known as an Antonov AR 500 based on a 2005 4.6 GT. AS it’s a one off with $70000 dollars spent building it for the 2006 SEMA show I am trying to get a realistic value of the cars worth so I can get an agreed value insurance. It’s obviously worth more than a standard 4.6gt as it’s now 5.4 supercharged and only coming up to 30000 miles on it. Anyone have any ideas please ?? TIA

    Since it seems you have just bought it then I would guess its worth what you paid for it


      Well I kind of disagree but thanks anyway. You could not replace it or even close to it for what I paid


        as you are a club member, go to the 'club members' area of this forum

        select 'Contacts - Club Committee'- and you will see an email address and phone number for the valuations expert for your model year.

        It will be a tough one to value though!

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          Originally posted by Tank2003 View Post
          Well I kind of disagree but thanks anyway. You could not replace it or even close to it for what I paid
          The trouble is that being a one off then how else would you value it, couldn't replace it.
          I guess you must have given the insurance company a value when you insured it?
          In the past when I have increased the valuation the insurance company sometimes asks for proof and reason of increase in value. In all circumstances I just say due to market value increase and they accept that, although I usually increase a grand or so each year.
          Very hard to value something that you can't compare with, show them how much it cost to build and market value has pushed it up to 100K.
          You might need to justify the difference in purchase price and your valuation though, presume you have a receipt to show what you paid?


            One perspective I will put on it, members her for years have spent 1000’s on their cars and got them just how they want them and eventually sell at the standard market value but Mids are so personal. Yours will be worth more because it’s supercharged and has a 5.4 but other than that it won’t be worth more than a 4.6.

            My valuation would be 22k but I’m more than prepared to be shot down and told I’m wrong as I’m sure I am. I do agree with Anaconda though, I was say it’s worth near what you paid for it otherwise the seller would have sold it for more I would think?
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              Here is another issue

              Lets say you paid 27k and insure it for 27k, You will pay X for the insurance

              Lets say you paid 27k and insure it for agreed value at 80k, You will pay X x 2.5 for the insurance

              That may not be an issue you are worried about, just mentioning it
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                This is actually an interesting thread, I look forward to the outcome.


                  And me lol. I know guy had it up at a lot more but needed a quick sale as so often is the case these days. I knew it was a difficult one to value. Guessing it’s sort of on par with maybe a genuine Roush being a 5.4 SC, coupled with very low miles and paperwork and provenance to back it all up. So maybe what would a similar miles Roush with full racing spec and Baer brakes be worth ?


                    Thing with a Roush or Saleen is the car has recognised heritage which protects its value and lowers its depreciation. You car probably has more value in its modifications than both the Branded cars but it just comes down to buying price, you have just shown what current market value is in the price you bought it at. I can imagine people may have to sell quickly some times and that artificially lowers the price. If you were unfortunate enough to have the car stolen or written of, the insurance company will ask you for proof of your purchase via a receipt and you would not be paid out more than you have paid for the car unless you have made further modifications yourself, declared them and had the insurer agree to it

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