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    Contacts And Links

    ****If you know of contacts for insurance, parts, mustang links, other forums etc and you want them adding in here, post a link below and I will add them into the sticky as I see them****

    **Please be aware**

    The MOCGB does not grant any warranty, refund or claim regarding any product or service listed and does not assume any liability or responsibility for any such link to those products or services.

    The MOCGB uses reasonable effort to include accurate and up-to-date information on these web pages. The MOCGB shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or losses arising out of the use or inability to use the information contained within this website, any errors, misrepresentations or omissions in the listings, ads, products or services. The conditions of this agreement shall be in force every time you use the forum maintained by the MOCGB.

    This agreement is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.
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    Email Me?

    So so far we have:

    Roy Holmes' Mustang Workshop (The award-winning workshop in Hook, Hampshire!)

    Colin, Mustang Shop - 01603 - 890399 (Mustang restoration specialist)

    Mustang Breaker - 0771 - 4546534 (as described)

    Rodley Motors - 01274 - 688968 (general automotive spares)

    Customville, 0208 5901449 (brakes, steering,service items)

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    North Hants Tyres, 01252 613261 (tyres of course)

    Raceways ( for all things wheel like)

    USAutomotive Tel: 01234 273155 Fax: 01234 273064 ( general american automotive spares + cars)

    Race Glaze 0870 757 2245 waxes, polishes n stuff

    Marti Auto Works
    Access to Ford records for 67-73, licensed makers of data plates, buck tags etc. (Mustang related books, t-shirts & other gifts.)

    C.A.R.S: Classic American Restoration Services. Mustang restoration a speciality, contact Phil King on 07590 431511 or email

    *now with new website* - probably the best series II resource site going - links to parts suppliers as well. - a good resource site for the series II - mustang site, active forums Loads of info and links for 79-93 Mustangs. these guys are very helpful.

    It's probably well known, but Holley's website had a technical section where you can download all sorts of technical info and repair guides for your Holley carbureter.
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    Email Me?


      And more and more and more......

      jimstang's got Mustangs Plus on his post, this is just to say I ordered a steering wheel from them & it's here 2 days later. V.good service...

      Mustang site from the netherlands Mustang66

      And Dutch/Eng Mustang Forum Mustang and Ford Forum

      A new website has been set up for enthusiasts to find long-lost classics or to search for information about cars they now own and it's FREE.

      **** is still in its infancy, only one Mustang there, but there are hopes it will become the "Friends Reunited" of the classic motoring world. You must know "Friends Reunited", it's where you find out that the spotty git you hated so much at school is now the chairman of a multi-national company:D


      If you're looking for a shipping agent to add to the contacts, I would not hesitate to add Kingstown Shipping - I used them to bring my mustang over and they could not do enough to help. Highly recommended.

      Kingstown Shipping Ltd
      Ferry Berth, King George Dock
      Hull North Humberside
      HU9 5PS

      Tel: 01482 374116


      Classic Line car insurance on 01455-891330

      '65 Convertible. Approx value £20k. Garage. 3000 mile limit.
      Classic line - £176, £100 excess :D
      Adrian Flux - £280, £450 excess


      I would like to add W-A-S-P (Wisbech American Street and Performance) as good supplier. I ordered a front brake drum on friday 4.30PM and it arrived 10.00AM this morning. Cost £45.00. A saving of £25.00 for same drum from more well known mustang parts suppliers.
      Tel:01945 588091


      brake booster kit normally inpossable to find available from shay eskew also custom brake kits contact shay on 001 404 659 8722 mention my name [ frank middleweek] and he will look after you .


      Heres a helpful site, try and get ford to pay for some repair work


      Parts suppliers I've used - US based but will ship to the UK:


      Check out in the US. In addition to selling a cable clutch conversion kit he has a really good FYI section with a lot of contributors. Very useful and sometimes very funny!


      I would like to recommend SS Inserts in the states. The goods arrived within 4 days.

      SS Inserts


      Automatic gearbox repairs ( C4 - C6 - FMX ) :

      Automatic Transmission Centre Tel: 020 8574 2972
      6, Lonsdale Rd, Southall, Middlesex UB2 5LS

      Propshaft Repairs / Overhauls :

      Propshaft Services Tel: 0208 844 2265
      Central Way , Feltham , Middx , TW14 ORD

      **** - They stock all the necessary original replacement parts, they are very performance and modification-oriented and thus are a fantastic source for upgraded aftermarket components. - a source for information and parts to convert a Mustang to five- or six-speed...



      These guys did a grand job on supplying and fitting a new hood for giblets at £550 + VAT:

      Hoods Galore

      Late Model Restoration Supply sorted giblets some bits from the States pretty quickly too.


      SVPO (Special Vehicle Parts Operations) Specializing in supplying Genuine US Ford Parts & Ford Racing Parts

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        And even more links.....



        This guy looks like he knows what he's doing,


        cars for sale


        General garage services


        SVA services




        Window Tinting


        New Zealand Mustang Website


        A-Plan insurance gave martd the best deal for insurance.

        31 years old, 6 years NCB, CAT 1 alarm/immob, no previous muscle car experience (dont i know it NOW!!!)

        Closest was Graham Sykes with £700 unlimited mileage / £650 limited to 7500 miles - But not insured on any other vehicle

        A-Plan gave £579 with unlimited miles and any other car third party (including all the usual stuff)

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          And still more recommendations and links...

          dave waddell recommends Mick from H&B Motors in Finchley, North London for your MOT's. Knows his way round Yank motors and runs a '32 Ford rod himself! Friendly bloke, so give him a ring on 0208-444-8615 next time you need an MOT


          mach1mike would like to recommend Duncan Watts to anyone needing their auto box refurbished, he's just done a blinding job on my C4 with all work carried out to a very high standard,on time & at a very reasonable cost. Duncan will repair any make or model of gearbox.

          You can call him on 01270 580637

          or visit- Duncan Watts


          Kermit in search for an aluminium radiator, came across that website:
          USA Imports


          Kermit also suggested a website that allows you to have a sneak preview of your next wheels/tyres
          Click Here


          GT-STANG suggests that Stangsource is a fantastic forum with a wealth of info available,try it.


          However Kermit suggests that it's pretty small compared to Stangnet


          Raven68 suggests that are cheap for a halogen light conversion kit.


          stang02 suggests that if you need about answers noisy shifters then a gasket maybe your answer. He went here for the answers.


          gibbs says: I have a recommendation if I may please for the links bit of the forum.

          It is a trim company, here in the UK. They do all sorts of trims etc (strangely) for classic cars of all origins. My dad and I have used them a couple of times and they have been cheap, friendly and swift at getting what we needed. You can find them here


          kermit said:

          North Coast Mustang

          Speak to Melissa, that's where I got my Magnum500 from.
          I got also $10 off the price of the center caps.

          She is very friendly, polite etc...

          Highly recommended so far (until i receive the wheels tbc...)


          Lloyd says:

          I have to recommend a company called The moorings Bodyshop based in Rayleigh, Essex, just off the A 127, Just had my car resprayed there after an altercation with the back of a BMW M3 convertible,

          Anyway they just done a fantastic job on the repairs and the total respray and a nice bloke to boot who is passionate about classics.

          Anyone who would want their cherished motor repaired/painted wont go far wrong with this guy from what i've experienced.

          Anyway the guys name is Phil Bean (no relation to the other one)

          Tel: 01268 741 700


          Garyh says: This product looks interesting and quite popular. Anyone on here have either ez ramp or 12ft system?


          saqibhquerhsi said that they found Shinoda Performance really helpful:

          3355-2 Copter Rd.
          Pensacola, Florida 32514
          United States
          Phone: 1-850-473-0000
          Fax: 1-850-473-0040
          Order from: Phone: 1-850-473-0000

          Tech Support(E-Mail):


          Garyh recommends:

          Phase4 provides this good link for replacement brighter dash bulbs.


          GT Goddess recommends:

          Even if you you don't live near the Herts/Essex border. If you love your car (who doesn't?) and you want a superb job doing, you won't be disappointed by this company. These guys are the dogs bo**ock$

          RDS found a site with all you'll ever need to know about fold-down rear seats


          mustangmoose used for Borg Warner T10 and Toploader parts.
          Quick and friendly service

          Trev Dorrington Race Ready Engineering, all manner of skills here, odd engineering jobs & one offs a speciality! Trev can make or re manufacture just about anything.
          Contact Trev on

          Peter Jones (Clay Windscreens) Specialist in American Auto Glass: 01582 881260. Mobile: 07836 208478
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          Email Me?


            Got to reccommend these guys,

            ordered some 16x7 Torq thrust 2's last Thursday late pm and they arrived early this am. thats about 3 days. prices competetive.
            also they send you a link to DHL so you can track your order

            Oh, and they throw in the lug nuts,


            well pleased with them.

            Edit: Also came with valves fitted !
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              Mustang links

              If your looking at a mustang in California,we under take inspections can settle on the car and freight it,check out our for sale section as well.
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                As it says. Modification to your Stang. Anything from brakes to blowers. Street to Drag racing. I can help, supply and fit. Consultation and advise on your needs.
                Mike Lacey. 25 years experience with stangs.

                07774 712000
                01608 678818
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                From a blower to a complete build. Advise and consultation. 25 years of experience with street, Drag and circuit.
                Tel : 01608 678818
                Mob : 07774 712000


                  Originally posted by 89fox (Ian)
                  Club discount


                  Hey guys and gals.

                  I had a little chat with my boss today and managed to get a 10% discount for registered club members

                  A little background... we are an independent company called Rochford tyres and based in Rochford Essex.

                  We do mots and servicing (my job) as well as alloy wheels and obviously, tyres! We can also do wheel refurbs, for this we do need to see the wheels first.

                  We also have a website for our wheel range, Now I admit we don't tend to have a huge range of classic looking mustang rims but there may well be something there you like.

                  The stuff we do, to be honest, will probably be more of interest to the later model guys, fox onwards or maybe for the daily motor to brighten it up a bit.

                  We can get tyres in pretty much all shapes and sizes so call us if you need something specific. Delivery is not a problem as we send out wheel and tyre packages, or just wheels or just tyres for that matter on a daily basis.

                  Phone number/address is all on the website, we would just ask if you could have your membership card/number ready as proof of club membership.

                  Hope we can be of help to some of you.



                    a few links i use, and have found recently all UK based

                    some of these places ive used, some i havent.

           - general supplies including unc fasteners and studs, electrical etc.

           - american engine parts

           - allsorts, I use them a lot

           - as the name suggests

           - good for verious bits and pieces

           - general electrical stuff


           - ive pop in here a couple of timems to pick up rubber tubing, sheets etc, they have extrusions and piping etc too, good if youre in north/central london

                    `68 coupe, 5.0 HO EFI, T5 manual


                      Windscreens and glass from American car specialist.

                      Please add
                      Peter Jones 01582 881260. Fax 01582 883287. Mobile 07836 208478


                        More Links (USA) Sheby mostly

                        For the Shelby GT350 and racers in general. Evergreen Performance systems Colorado - Walt Hane raced Shelby's in the day and still races and develops them today.

                        Melvins are very helpfull when wanting Parts and ship promptly.

                        If you plan a trip to Denver (direct flight on BA) then the Shelby Museum in Boulder is well worth a visit but is only open 10:00 till 4:00pm Saturdays.

                        Again in Colorado and an hour east of Denver off I70 Rocky Mountain vintage Racers have their own track at High Plains
                        1964 Falcon Sprint (260 and 2 speed Fordamatic ):
                        64 Falcon's
                        Fastest Car on every stage Monte Carlo Rally 1964
                        Winner British Saloon Car Championship 1967
                        THE Classic Saloon Car Racer
                        The Mustang is a Falcon in fancy dress



                          I would like to recommend "APSLEY TRANSMISSIONS" - Hemel Hempstead
                          Located 5 mins from Junc 8 of the M1 and Junc 20 or 21 of the M25.


                          This is a small workshop that rebuilds engines and gearboxes - he does a lot of classic work but newer stuff as well has done work for my family over the past 20 years. he always has both Ford and Chevy engines on the go and is happy to do just the machine work or full rebuilds.

                          His webite says manual gearboxes only, but he does do 60's American Auto's (has a ford auto in the drag car he built for his wife -"just for fun racing").

                          Iain Malcolm 01442 501 617
                          Current Mustang Red 1965 Coupe - Previous Mustangs 2008 S197, 1965 Coupe


                            Watts racing transmissions, cheshire

                            Hi mustang people,
                            i have been involved in the auto transmission scene since 78, my company watts racing transmissions/crewe classic transmissions was founded in 97 if i can help you guys out with a transmission queery repair rebuild please dont hesitate to ring me on 07974 088375 drag race transmissions are my specialty but all needs catered for, if you ring let me know you saw me on here will give you a discount
                            cheers dunc watts (cannonball)

                            crewe cheshire 07974 088375


                              UK based suppliers are few & far between so definitely worth a look.


                              Testimonials on the forum have so far been very positive.
                              Frankenstang™ only available in Kernow

                              71-73 Supporters Group