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    Just got flashed by black S550 in Fleet this afternoon ( H20 XAD ) . I was in my white SN95 new edge heading for hotel for RAF Odiham tomorrow. Hi whoever you are
    1999 SN95 New Edge Anniversary Edition


      Twice this week A43 towcester to northampton s550 in blue and not hanging about
      07 Cali special
      68 fastback
      75 grannycoupev8


        Spotted outside the apartment we are staying in Kiev!

        ​​​​​ Click image for larger version

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        '99 Bright Atlantic Blue Convertible (Stock) & '67 Acapulco Blue Fastback (393 Stroker)


          Yesterday evening a couple of cars behind me in Slough Trading Estate, red S550 with twin black stripes.
          This morning (8am) Slough, near Police Station, S550 black with some pinstripe effect stripes on it, looked pretty good and I'm sure I have seen a picture of it somewhere,

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            Saw a candy apple red 67 fastback in Street, Somerset earlier. Very beautiful, maybe one day my over time will allow me to buy one.
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	20190907_190307.jpg
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ID:	1239413 And another spotted opposite Kiev Opera House!

              '99 Bright Atlantic Blue Convertible (Stock) & '67 Acapulco Blue Fastback (393 Stroker)


                Don't want to be too specific with the areas so 'south Bolton (ish)' will have to do :

                S550 - EB - Silver - Cab - Looks standard.
                S550 - GT - Metallic blue - Coupe - Roush pipes.
                S550 - GT - Matt black / grey (wrap ?) + stripes - Looked low and sounds loud.
                S550 - GT - Magnetic - Looks standard but local rumor says otherwise.
                S550 - GT - Red + stripes - Back bumper was missing for a while, looked purposely removed (maybe for modification ?) rather than due to accident.
                S550 - Bullitt.

                Anyone on here ?

                WD :-)
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                  2x in Letchworth recently...

                  - Blue 1965 or 66 (I think) coupe in Sainsburys Car Park a couple of Saturdays ago.

                  - White S197 with either blue or black stripe xx55USA on the number plate - seen this one around a few times.

                  Anyone here?



                    Seen in the car park of Chartwell on Sunday during a visit to Churchillís house. Front wing bore the badge v289. Driver was away from car so no chance to

                    find out more. Click image for larger version

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                      Black 64/65 coupe on car transporter Blackfriars bridge south bound about 13:00..
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                        Sainsburys` Lordshill Southampton this morning Blue S550 just going in as I was exiting.........…….....


                          V666 MUS - S197 yellow with wide black stripe, heading off M3 onto M25 at 7am this morning.

                          Sandwiched between two F-Types
                          '65 289 "A" Code GT Optioned Coupe, with 4spd Toploader and Arvinode exhaust - sounds great! :D :gears


                            Spotted a blue S197 heading down the A3 early Sunday morning.... opened up when they got into the fast lane, lovely view.
                            1969 302 Fastback


                              Originally posted by SurreyXedos View Post
                              V666 MUS - S197 yellow with wide black stripe, heading off M3 onto M25 at 7am this morning.

                              Sandwiched between two F-Types
                              There's a familiar car I remember, I can't find it (probably deleted by now) but there was a thread about the lady owner who had been made homeless, and was having to live rough. Very sad to read, and a bit odd to say the least.

                              I later saw the car at a show in Wakefield in 2014 or 15

                              edit : found it
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                                Nice S197 going up with A24 near Horsham this morning about 10am,. Black with either silver or white stripes (didn't quite catch a full look), was going the other way in the S550 as usual to work.