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Mustang Wedding or School Prom usage

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    Mustang Wedding or School Prom usage

    With thanks to Alan (acd1t)

    Wedding or School Prom hire with a Mustang

    If you have found our Forum and are looking to hire a Mustang for an event, please read the following notes:

    Owners of Mustangs, or any other classic or unusual car, sometimes make their cars available for wedding hire. This may be via an established business or a private owner doing so on an ‘ad hoc’ basis. This can be done legitimately so long as the car’s owner has the appropriate insurance cover. The car or driver does not need a Taxi or Private Hire type of license to do this type of work as it is exempt from such regulations. These cover travel to the church or wedding venue and if required on to a reception. Taking you to the airport the next morning to jet off on honeymoon is not part of wedding exemption, you’ll need a taxi for that bit!

    Start a new thread under ‘General Discussion’ stating where you live and when you are looking to get married. There are Mustang owners around the country who may be able to assist.

    Please be aware that many Classic Mustangs from the 1960’s will not be fitted with rear seatbelts and that all Mustangs, old or new, have limited rear legroom. It pays to see the car first to establish that it’s suitable.

    We often receive requests on the Forum for a Mustang to take one or more children to a school Prom. Unlike weddings such work comes in to the scope of Hire & Reward legislation. It is most unlikely that a Mustang owner on this Forum would undertake such work for someone previously unknown to them. It is more common for them to take their own children, children of other family members or those of close friends as this is perfectly legitimate. See the notes for owners and you can see why doing school Proms for others would be a minefield!

    Wedding and Prom Hire notes for owners:

    From time to time we receive requests on this forum for a Mustang or maybe another interesting American car for a school Prom or even a birthday treat. These requests usually come from people who have found our forum via a search facility as cars such as ours are not generally available for such things in the way limousines are for example.

    What you have to appreciate with these requests is that by making your car available in that way does constitute Hire & Reward and you must always have a licence to do this.
    There are two sets of regulations and licensing for Hire & Reward. Vehicles of up to 8 passenger seats are licensed as a rule by your local authority taxi licensing department, or Transport for London if in London. Vehicles of 9 or more passenger seats are licensed through the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA, formerly VOSA) as Public Service Vehicles. There is only one exemption to this and that is if the vehicle is being used exclusively for a wedding or a funeral.

    Even if you only accept a fee to cover fuel and not make any ‘profit’ this can, under Department for Transport guidance notes for Local Authorities, still constitute Hire & Reward as you would still satisfy the criteria for licensing under several other conditions. To reinforce this point, stretch limousines and chauffeur driven executive cars are often used as Prom transport and these fall into scope of the licensing regulations.

    Until quite recently the chances of getting a two door left hand drive car licensed as a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) with any council was less than zero! The Department for Transport, keen to get limousines within the scope of licensing, have told councils to accept requests from 'Novelty' type cars and to assess them, and the owners, on their individual merits. So it's not within the realms of impossibility to achieve this if you want to. What you have to remember is that different councils will have different sets of standards that they would want a prospective operator to meet so just because one council will accept a Mustang doesn't mean a neighbouring council will do likewise.

    As a guide, councils will require any person who will drive a PHV to pass their medical, take a driving assessment, have an enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (formerly Criminal Records Bureau) check and also a DVLA check on their driving licence. If the car is deemed to be acceptable to them, it may in addition to an MOT need to pass the council's own safety check. The older the car, the more often this will need to be done. The person (usually the owner of the car) who is going to be the 'Operator' may also have to pay a fee for the relevant documentation and plates for the car (s). One point to remember is once a car is a 'plated' PHV it stays that way until it's de-licensed as such, so only PHV 'badged' drivers can drive it even if it’s not being used for hire.

    The biggest problem with a PHV is obtaining insurance. This can run into the thousands for a simple 4 door saloon so make sure you're sitting down as and when you can get someone to even give you a quote!

    Councils, the Police and the DVSA are now being seen more and more at Prom events looking for unlicensed and unroadworthy vehicles. Whilst the DVSA can, and often do, seize 9+ seat vehicles for offences, councils as a rule do not unless it is unsafe and then the DVSA inspector will slap a prohibition notice on it. The fines for non compliance are quite draconian, so be careful. Councils, the Police and DVSA have heard all the tales before so trying to make out you're only doing a 'favour' or you're not aware of the law is a waste of time. They will 'have' you! Obviously if you are taking a family member to a prom, then that is clearly private use and you've nothing to worry about.

    Sadly with trashy daytime telly littered with adverts for 'No Win, No Fee' for accident claims, you could find yourself in seriously hot water if that 'favour' you've done for someone who joined this forum just to find a Mustang for their son's prom goes wrong. Your insurance company will dis-own you in a second and you're in the proverbial up to your eyeballs!!

    Think carefully before offering your car!
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