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    oh well the squeaky front suspension on my 65 has been driving me up the wall all this week so I decided to pull the suspension off the drivers side. It appears the old girl has some rheumatism as the upper control arm ball joint is rather gritty feeling. Just put an order into CJ Pony parts for two new upper ball joins, spring perches and bump stops. Next it is spray up all the suspension and inside the front fender so all looks brand new when its back together.


      Couple of days late, but stock spoiler sprayed and fitted. Completely transformed the look of the car.

      Looks amazing.

      Will post pictures later.




        A couple of days late, Borla S Type Carbon Tips active cat back system fitted, looks good sounds great.

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          Found a little bit of time to carry on wrapping my wife's 65 notch back. Determined to get it done and get to another Kent meet, work in progress...

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            I WASHED mine today! The neighours (all retired and curtain-twitchy) are mostly disinterested in my old car (WTF!)
            but one couple, who lend me their garden hose, took a shine to the car, at least the man of the house at any rate. I
            took him out a blast in it and he loved it. I felt a bit guilty for not offering his wife a similar trip as she was not
            around when the old fella came out with me. So, there I am, washing my car, using their hose when she came out
            for a "nosey" and finally got my chance:

            "Sandra, I don't want you to feel left out - would you like to go for a spin in the Mustang?!"

            "Humph. Absolutely NOT! One car is just the same as another as far as I'm concerned!."

            That'll be that then.


            New Stuff is NO Good!

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              Originally posted by Dean S550 View Post
              Got round to fitting my rear spoiler and diffuser, had a hard time choosing a spoiler at all that compliments the 550 without pushing it over the top, and without having to drill the boot lid!
              Much more aggressive!

              Pleased with the result
              Hi mate, what make spoiler is that ? Looks spot on, agree with your thinking, don't want it looking out of place ..


                What did I do today well it was two days I drove 1435 miles down to the south of Spain
                07 Cali special
                68 fastback
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