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    Importing from e.u

    Any recommendations who to use for shipping into U.K from the E.U.

    Ron Fenton at STS Imports will sort you out.

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      Thanks does he only import from the States no mention of any where else on his website.


        I would imagine Ron would do it, if not he'll know someone.
        Importing from the E.U is not the same as from a none E.U country (United States for example) .

        If the car is already registered in the E.U country and appropriate duties were paid when it entered that country, if it was manufactured outside the E.U, then it only needs the registration document returning to the equivalent of DVLA and registering it as Exported.
        If it's ex U.S service personel or eligible person then duties probably are still due.
        Ideally you need proof duties were paid.

        Stick it on a transporter and when it arrives here I.V.A / MOT if required, register it and your off.

        Do you know the history of this vehicle, there are wrecks going from the U.S to E.U and other European countries (Lithuania for example), being repaired and loosing any crash history by the time it gets here.
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          He only imports from the U.S
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            We can move cars from most places around the world, however shipping from the EU can be more expensive than from the US, for various reasons: -

            1. There is no requirement to consolidate into shared loads, so you pay the full Ocean Freight
            2. Similar you then pay the full unloading charges in the UK
            3. From many places in Europe there are not the agents who are experienced enough to load vehicles that I would trust.
            4. If you send a transporter to say for example Denmark, you have overland multi day transporter charges and Ferry fees for not just the recovery vehicle but the oversize charge or trailer charge for both ways.

            To give you an example, we had a requirement to collect a rather rare E-Type from Sweden along with 3 pallets of parts, it had to be collected in an enclosed transporter, the recovery company had to hire a van large enough to carry 3 full size pallets of parts and had to tow a 20ft enclosed trailer all the way there and back, the driver was away for 5 days and the total cost to ourselves was just over 5000.

            Its a similar tale from France, Belgium or Holland, so with drivers typically charging 500/Day plus expenses, it doesn't take long for the costs to mount.

            For Greece and Cyprus you cannot transport a vehicle in an enclosed transporter as an incident a few years ago caused the government to create a law prohibiting it after two trailers toppled over and the vehicles trapping the injured fatally

            Hope that explains a lot
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              If it’s not to far into Europe why not fetch it back yourself
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