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    DVLA Registration/Model

    I've just completed the registration of my 67 and received the V5 today, the Model is listed as "Unknown" but the other details are correct.

    I specified it was a Mustang on the registration paperwork and also provided a California Certificate of Title that stated it was a Mustang also.

    Is this normal for an import or do I need to contact them to get it changed?

    I think that's how they come now. Got a 2017 Merc GLC but it just says Mercedes Benz on the V5, and engine capacity etc.
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      I'd suspect Unknown is the default if someone doesn't enter anything.

      DVLA are / were overwhelmed with paperwork due to sending almost everyone home when lockdown occurred.

      If you were going to query it I'd wait a few weeks till they catch up.
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        Mine was registered in March this year. Has Mustang on the V5.


          The key info is the registration and VIN (sometimes engine number, but not as high on the list). Those are the key identifiers. The rest is just a lottery.

          Yes, they should get it right. But as someone said, when they look through these at speed and if they are overwhelmed, they stop worrying after reg and VIN.

          In fairness, those are the only identifiers that matter. If it was a kit car, it could be something that you created as a name (rarely happens - but it does happen) and then it would hold limited value anyway. I realise this isn't that situation - but you follow what I mean.

          There are so many gremlins and errors with the other fields. That's why "How many left" has to be taken with a pinch.

          It amazes me that the number of Tickford Capris have grown over the years. There are more of these limited edition vehicles on the road today, in 2020, than when they were made in the 1980s. How did that happen ? Seemed to have found a load.

          OK, I am embellishing a point. But you see what I mean. Nomenclature (to paint its official reference) issues reign.


            I’m going to chase it up with the DVLA.

            From a purely vanity standpoint I dont want “Ford Unknown” to be what the car is listed as when there is no reason for it to not be the correct model.