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New owner in the Peak District- 1966 Coupe

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    New owner in the Peak District- 1966 Coupe


    I have been a lurker here for a couple of years while I progressively strengthened my resolve to acquire a classic Mustang. Things finally came to a head last weekend when I did the deal on this car which I collect this weekend. As you can see itís a 66 coupe in Candy Apple Red with red interior and matching numbers and itís pretty much standard aside from the wheels which I do really like. A bit of bling without going nuts. These pictures are from the advert but I will share some ďin the wildĒ once Iíve got it home.

    Iíve got lots of questions including the best approach to waxoyl/dinitrol it but Iíll save those for later. Iíll pay my subs and join the clubs once I have the serial numbers to hand.

    This will join my 73 Alfa 2000 GTV in the garage...quite a contrast.

    lím between Manchester and Sheffield and would be happy to join up any meets or shows in the area. I donít have much free time but it would be nice to get the car out with some others once in a while!


    Very nice choice. Enjoy the folks here. Really a nice bunch and very supportive.
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      Lovely looking car mate, enjoy her!

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        That's a great California car very nice!

        I had an Alfa GTV for a short time but of the later variety. I miss the noise it made!
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          Thanks for the welcome

          I will be sure to post some more pictures tomorrow!


            Welcome Nick - all your Mustang needs are right here in the form of great advice from a terrific bunch of folk.
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              Welcome to the forum.