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    Hello from bucks!

    Morning all, just poking my head in and saying hi! Not an owner...yet, looking to pick up a 69 restoration project in the coming months, looking forward to being part of this community!

    Hi & welcome. 69 is a great car to have. Are you looking for a FB, Coupe or Convertible. Paul in Colchester area does have 69/70 cars for sale. Had a couple recently. I will check his log on name here or maybe one of the Admin mods will know it & post it.
    There are several of us with 69 being done at moment with several more finished to very high standards.


      Thanks for the welcome mgcobra, I actually spoke to Paul on the phone the other day, I have been sniffing around the forum for a little while now but decided now I know exactly what I want I should go all in.

      I'm looking for either a coupe or fastback, had enough convertibles in the past to not want to deal with leaky roofs anymore!

      Not fussy on engine either, I want to enjoy a v8 for a while in the condition the car is in and then have it as a long term restoration project. I definately don't want anything special like a boss or cobrajet, I don't think my wallet could take it and I'd only feel right if I kept them as original as far as I could:)
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        Welcome to the Forum and good luck with your search :)

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          Welcome to the forum, just buy one already done its so much easier!

          Only joking, sort of!, good luck with your search.


            Touchť lol. Still I do love taking things to bits! Itís the putting back together thatís the problem lol.

            What ever you get a mustang seems seems to be a journey not a destination

            (Iíll go back to bed now my head hurts)


              Thanks for the welcome guys, definately looking forward to the journey, I have most skills under my belt(I work in engineering) but I need to get welding under my belt, I have a feeling I'm going to need it

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                Welcome along to the Forum, please consider joining the club as it helps pay for the forums upkeep plus you get our amazing bi-monthly magazine

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                  Once I have my 69 I'll most definately consider signing up :D