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    Morning all

    Been on the forum for a while as i have always wanted a mustang, however finally after the wife gettign sick of me going on and on about it manged to sort one out, 1967 Mustang Coupe (From this forum and the internet i think the car is know and was originally owned by a forum member called Lucky_eddie)

    Anyway heres a Photo or 2 (Got a few thing to sort out on it namely the handbrake and the fact that in park the car rolls backwards :) )

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice car looks a beaut


      Welcome Andy. Great eye catching colour. Hope you get the niggles sorted. Loads of advice available on here.

      You must be just near us. Maybe see you around. I have a blue 66 convertible and a black 05 convertible.
      Alan & Heidi


        Very,very nice car, I PMd you again matey


          Welcome. Iím just up the road in South Northumberland. Are you aware of the Northern Pony Club?


            Looks nice. Good looking car

            A little hint. Every car that comes in with a "performance" auto shifter. I change back to stock, Just keep that in mind if it gives you fits.

            I sell every one that comes in immediately so there is a good market for them.

            I realise you may love it, Just giving my experience.

            Cheers. Peter
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              No worry always appreciate people opinions, to be honest long term i would love to switch it out for a 5 speed manaual as 3 speed auto isnt as much fun :)

              Now all i need to do is learn some mechanical knoweldge lol