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    Originally posted by Mat666 View Post
    Well had the 1st test drive in a 19 plate. OMG I loved it so much. It had the adaptive suspension which made the ride feel so smooth.
    Oh dear lord that sound.......

    Sadly the price they charging and the APR they used made it cost the same as a new one On THe ROad price.
    So I can't see the point in newish second hand ones.

    One odd thing the salesman mentioned was though, that Ford are not doing any more new sales on them. As well as canceling the ones that had been ordered.
    Now is that just crap talk from him wanted to make me buy that one now or is that true?
    Take a peek print it out then take a walk back in and ask him what he was talking about
    Learn about the soon to be discontinued Ford models, leaving the Ford lineup in an effort to better focus their resources on new, cleaner technology.


      According to this you can option a new vehicle and take delivery in 3 weeks


        I will be asking Ford about it. The only truth that would make sense is the 55 edition.
        Got an ETA on a new order from a build and it's 8 months :(


          8 months ​​​​​​ I think my friend only waited that long for a bullit. I bet if you shop around you will get something almost straight away. Try Carwow mate all the ford dealership in the U.K. are signed up to it.


            I decided to go for a new model so that I could get the car to the exact spec I wanted - I searched for months to get an ex demo but finding a V8 manual convertible with silver wheels was impossible. ( I am not keen on black wheels and manuals seem rare) The Ford dealers are contracted to have a demo on permanently so they do come up regularly.

            In addition, you get a full 3 year warranty and 2 years recovery and you could get a used one that been hammered. Having said that, an ex demo would have been fine for me if I could have found one to my liking. I was looking at one that had been owned by Ford and was fully re-furbished, but is was an auto. Plus at the end of the day it is down to personal choice. I did buy mine on PCP as I am unsure whether the Govt will really start clamping down on our cars, so if it gets hot in 2 years I can just hand it back !


              Well I've decided while this 0% is on, I want a new one, but finding the spec I want seems to be impossible.
              Now I've been told this deal is only up until the end of the month. So looks like I'm going to have to go back down to the 2nd hand route -_-


                I'm in the exact same boat :lol: The 0% runs out at the end of this month and it's messing with my mind.

                If i buy a 17 plate GT manual, i can probably expect to lose around 12k over the next 3 years (30k purchase -> 18k trade-in in 3 years or maybe 20k private sale if i can put up with private buyers chasing a v8 mustang - although that sounds like a recipe for attracting test pilots.. anyways). The problem is i'd need to take a loan for 10k - but there's some low interest rates on money super market, i can get 2.9% so the cost of finance on 10k will be 300 in interest which is nothing next to the circa 12k depreciation.

                However, with the 0% finance on new, if i pay the whole 3 year PCP up front, it works out just over 18k - so i'd have no monthly payments but in 3 years time and i'd be able to trade the car in for more than the remaining balloon payment of 18,500, how much more is anyone's guess but probably a good few k i'd think. Today a 3 year old GT manual sells for 27k+ so i'd have almost 10k back even with the dealer's trade in cut considered. That means my total loss on a new car is likely under 15k.

                So what do you choose - 12,300 lost for a 4 year old car (which is still perfectly good)

                Or, do i go for 15k loss and get nice trinkets like digital dash and switchable exhaust but also the fairly HUGE value of knowing the car has been well cared for.

                Honestly, this buying cars this messes with anyone's mind...