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2008 GT import - its a project

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    2008 GT import - its a project

    Good Afternoon All
    I joined this great club just last week, after purchasing a 2008 GT.
    The car is a grey import from Dubia. It's been taken apart and put back together many, many times by the previous owners, (repeatedly).
    Every interior panel is loose, every plastic retaining clip is missing or broken, bits of it have been painted with a rattle can, the rest of the paintwork is desert sand blasted and washing just 1x door card resulted in my bucket of hot soapy water turning brown!

    But, I love it and the noise it makes
    It's an honest, rough diamond and going to be my winter project keeping me busy when the weather gets properly cold.

    Looking forward to talking to many of you over the coming months for advice, help and occasional moral support when I want to chuck a spanner at it and walk away.

    Like so many other new S197 owners, I will be asking for assistance and help getting it MoT ready with lights etc. Happy to receive any suggestions or recommendations of people in the Midlands who can perform good electrical works. (Parts of the wiring loom look like a plate of spaghetti)

    I will keep sending the odd post, while reading and searching through the vast listings of discussions and topics on the forum.


    NMH for the lights, no question:
    1967 White Convertible Auto ...... 1994 to 2004
    2005 Redfire GT Manual......2008 to 2010
    2010 Kona Blue GT Auto ...... 2010 to 2013

    MOCGB #332 since 1994


      As per Geoff.

      NMH did my 2014 nearly 3 years ago, L.E.D rear lights, so slightly more involved.
      2014 GT/CS


        NMH did my first too, welcome!
        2013-2016 2005 S197 V6 Coupe Black
        2017-2018 2007 S197 GT Coupe Tungsten
        2019-Current 2005 S197 GT Convertible Black


          Yup, NMH is my go-to spot for these types of concerns.