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    Originally posted by alien100 View Post
    Hi everyone
    Joined recently but alas still cannot find my dream mustang. I live in Cardiff and I am on the hunt for a 60's v8 car which has to be rust free, not a convertible, no vinyl roofs but power steering and brakes and ideally a pony interior.
    I have around 19k give or take so would be interested if anyone selling a car that fits the bill. I don't mind traveling within reason but has to be worthwhile. Seen a few recently described a great condition which did not fulfill the descriptions.
    Thank you for having me as a new member and would be interested in any activities around this area.
    Looking forward to being a member of the club and keep up the great work
    Hi Alien, welcome to the club. As far as a reliable source for the type of mustang you are looking for, the best I can offer you is to contact Yanktankmad on here. He always has a selection of '60's, mostly coupes, in your price range as he imports from the states. He is based in Cheshire, so not too far for you to travel. Just give him your spec and he'll try to sort you out, unless he has something that you like already.
    Good luck with the hunt.
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      Thanks mick ! I've got 3 possibly that fit the bill.

      The Red 66 attached just had a new 4 speed auto tranny has a pony interior and power discs 17,500 but would need power sterring fitted (mechanic can do this)
      The Grey 64 1/2 I could do for 19 as it sits (does not have a pony interior or discs) has power drums and original rebuilt power steering.
      Or theres this 68 in Velocity Blue has a rare bench option can fit discs for 18,750 also has power steering
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        Just joined. Moved from Canada 6 months ago and living in Nunthorpe Middlesbrough. Brought my 1970 Mach 1 with me. Will post pics shortly. Just started process of registering and already nightmare with amber rear indicators. Anyone out there with advice? Looking forward to meeting you all. Cheers Louis


          Welcome to the forum Louis. Simplest way with the rear indicators is amber bulbs in the reverse lights.

          If you prefer something more professional Nathan is your man:

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