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    Welcome to the Club.

    Originally posted by vikki View Post
    Ok How important is originality with these cars? Are there certain upgrades that you can get away with? Also, this will be my everyday car.
    Hi Vikki, Good Choice not being Biased !! 66 Coupe. From Owning mine 2003, spent lot of Time & Money on it over the years. Drove Mine Quite Often,and would Have if there had Been a need To most Days.
    But that was in OZ, Much better Weather !!, and as Peter said Different story in UK, Rain + Salt Metal Rot !!.
    Also am very hands on, with tools, spare Belts,ect carried in the car.
    You Will Enjoy, When You find the Right Car. and Enjoy the Funny Farm !!. Brian.:-h:-bd


      Here you go, get your wallet/purse open


        Yikes. That looks rode hard and put away wet

        Are those huge shackles in the back?
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          Originally posted by pmustang View Post
          Yikes. That looks rode hard and put away wet

          Are those huge shackles in the back?
          Yes, looks like it. Must say I don't like the rear end at all, to be honest I didn't bother looking at the pics before I put the link up.


            i don't think you will have to much trouble in finding one maybe not with every extra
            but if your mechanically minded most things on a early mustang can be added or swapped
            i think you have done the right thing in asking the club we all have one thing in common and that's mustangs what ever year
            Rust can be a problem with these cars usual places, wheel arches, floor pan, and the cowl area the rain/leafs go in the slots and block up the drain holes, over a period of time you have been driving with a proverbial moat which leaks out through the vents and will eventually rot the floor pans and the cowl this is a extensive and expensive repair, so check all these areas
            mechanics are mostly all nuts and bolts so not to much of a problem, you can buy just about every part for the early mustangs there is a net work mostly in the states but also quite a few in the UK
            as the guys have said don't write off a auto the c4 box is fairly bullet proof and great for just general street use, power steering would be must unless you want arms like Arnie
            most of the cars have had some mods over the years its very difficult to maintain originality, some do away with the original drum brakes and install aftermarket discs with servo, some go for rack and pinion steering , you can keep the original look in essence but have few mods tucked away for a modern drive and a bit more safety
            im not sure i would drive these on a daily basis, even if the car is found to be reliable which i doubt after 6 months of driving on our roads the weather will get you in the end
            Good luck
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