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Hi, just joined with and looking for help on buying a fast back.

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    Originally posted by Jon broom View Post
    Im approaching 50 and looking to buy my dream car, a fast back v8 mustang. I am going to see one tomorrow, its on eBay now a white with blue 350 on it for 23995. Does anyone know about this car or able to help me on what to look for or know of others for sale around that price. Thanks Jon
    Be a project below 30k for a decent 65/66/67/68. Peter might have some but I'd up muy budget or yuu will end up spending 10K plus in the end possibly.
    Classic pre 75 Ford and Chevy addict who Works in Software industry & also part owner of a small LTD Shop that imports Cool / custom pre 1970 American Cars / Trucks


      Originally posted by Jon broom View Post
      Just returned from seeing the 65 fast back on eBay. It’s listed with no rust. OMG there was many holes, bits rusted away filler and rivets holding the front wing on, as little inner wing to attach to, had half a rear wing put on badly. To top it all it wouldn’t start. I’ve had many cars newer and older but never been to see one so badly listed regarding its condition.
      I looked at the photos in the link provided and pretty quickly formed an opinion of what was on offer.
      Trouble is no one likes pi$$ing on someone's dream. I am so glad that you came away with your wallet intact and with a better idea of what to look for.

      Take the time to visit Peter and get an education in early cars. Buy him a beer and a steak dinner, it will save you thousands later.
      You can never have enough black under the hood.


        Thanks for the recommendations guys.

        No need to buy me anything :-)
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