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    Well pulled the original steering box out today, I have a high ratio original GT to put in ( Popeye arms here we come)

    Hardest bit was separating the centre link much blue air and bloody knuckles later and she popped!! And with no headers or cowl flew out.

    Now comes my next great discovery!!! Bent frame rail!! When the box bolts were loosened out fell a few washers/ packers obviously somethings a miss. When I tightened them back minus the packing the steering shaft was about an 1 1/2” closer to the drivers door!!

    Its just the gift that keeps on giving !

    I’ll post some pics of the bendyness later

    any advice opinions. I think I can straighten the inner and replace the outer


      Shimming a long column box at the frame rail is the correct procedure to set the inner column in the centre of the outer column at the steering wheel. The centering cone is removed at the top of the column and shims added behind the box to position the inner column in the centre so that it is not under any sideways tension. A small shim at the box will make a large movement at the top. The up and down centering can be made by tilting the box on the frame rail.
      What you have is normal, don't panic.

      That is unless of course you have found a visible distortion in the rail due to accident damage.
      You can never have enough black under the hood.


        Top man thanks I must admit I took it out and found it was Gin o’clock never thought to check if they were supposed to be there!! There is a small distortion on the rail but it’s solid and doesn’t really warrant a replacement I’m not going concours else I would

        much appreciated knowledge thanks
        one less thing to get done


          Thought I’d it this here as I’ve posted elsewhere about the dash.

          it’s out!! And I took the opportunity to de-pad it too, I love the look of the early falcons and the gt350r. I can always reattach later if I want too


            Heavy crease on the passenger side going to take some gentle persuasion