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    Make Our Facebook Page

    Hi all

    I'm going to be putting regular posts on our club Facebook page, and would love to include some posts about our members cars. I'd like to show modern, classic or in-between, there will be no preference or bias. It could be a pristine trailer queen, an "enjoyed" daily driver, or a patina'd rat rod. Got a project in progress? We could feature that too. I hope we can highlight the variation in cars owned by club members, show the quality of restoration work carried out on classics, and the quality of modifications performed on modern cars too.

    So, if you would like to see your car on the club Facebook page, please post it up in this section, or reply to this post. I'll try to keep my eye out for content to add. If you have posted anything now or in the past you want featured, or think something may be suitable that I have missed, pm me or just reply to this post with the details.
    • Do you want to show off your car, whether classic or modern? Post a few photos, or an interesting video, along with a brief description of your car, and yourself if you like. Perhaps any interesting stories or facts you have about the car or your ownership too.
    • Did you restore your car, or have it restored? Again, a few before and after photos, along with the information mentioned above will help it find it's way to our Facebook page.
    • Have you got an unusual car you think we should cover? Perhaps a Shelby or a Boss, a Mustang II or a Fox body. Lets see them!
    • Have you modified your car? Whether a classic with modern running gear, a modern car enhanced for the track, or anything else done just for the hell of it. Lets see some photos, a description of the updates, your reasons and any associated stories.
    • Anything else you think we should cover, post it up along with the necessary details.

    If you are worried about showing details on photos, such as your registration number, we can cover them.

    Anything you can do to help here would be greatly appreciated.


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