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71 Mach 1 being given a new lease of life

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    Sorry to hear hope things get better for you


      Very sorry to here. My condolences.
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      1970 Dodge Challenger A66


        Sincere condolences. There are many here who have been touched by cancer who will wish you well at this time.
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          Originally posted by moneypit View Post
          Will not be any updates for a while as I lost my mom yesterday morning due to heart failure caused by cancer.
          Sad news Karl, it's hard. Experienced the same many years ago.
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            I'm very sorry to hear your news, that happened to me a few years back.


              Sorry to hear karl


                Thanks everyone for your thoughts, my dad and I are now just trying to get through this at one step at a time and we will see how things go after the funeral.

                Thanks again,

                The infamous broken down mach1


                  Well I have been trying to move forward after what happened last year and thought I would start getting the bits required for the engine build.
                  So after much expense I managed to acquire this little lot.

                  P1010205a by karl stroud, on Flickr

                  New cam bearings were fitted.

                  P1010206a by karl stroud, on Flickr

                  Cam and new timing gear.

                  P1010208a by karl stroud, on Flickr

                  Pistons and rods.

                  P1010221a by karl stroud, on Flickr

                  P1010222a by karl stroud, on Flickr

                  Then the heads and pulleys were fitted.

                  P1010225a by karl stroud, on Flickr

                  I am still waiting for my correct length pushrods to turn up so cannot fit the rockers yet, but I did a temp mock up with the inlet and headers to get a look at what it will look like when finished.

                  P1010226a by karl stroud, on Flickr

                  P1010228a by karl stroud, on Flickr

                  All the clearances have been checked, the cam has been timed and the pushrods measured with an adjustable pushrod to get the correct contact on the valve tip.

                  I still have a lot of little jobs to do such as fitting the injectors and all the sensors for the EFI conversion and fitting the new oil pump when that also turns up.

                  Another thing I still have to buy and fit are the correct springs to match the cam as I am using a single spring of the ones which came with the heads, but this will only be done after the cam has been broken in.

                  The final build on the engine stands as:

                  351c bored +.060
                  Crank reground and worked on
                  Speed pro hyper pistons
                  Eagle con rods
                  Lunati 411A1 Cam (30320511)
                  Crower EDM metered flat tappet mech lifters
                  Cloyes 9 way adjustable roller timing set
                  Trick flow pushrods
                  Comp cams guide plates
                  Pioneer harmonic damper ( SFI rated )
                  Flowkooler waterpump
                  Flowkooler high flow thermostat ( correct type )
                  Four seasons water neck
                  Speedmaster alloy cylinder heads ( been heavily worked on )
                  Lunati valve springs ( to be fitted when the cam is bed in )
                  matching caps for above springs
                  Speedmaster inlet to match heads ( to be modified for injectors )
                  Speedmaster four barrel throttle body ( not that bad just needs a little finishing )
                  Comp cams lash caps ( the speedmaster stainless steel valves do not have a hardened tip )
                  Scorpion 1.73 roller rockers
                  Ford motorsport alloy rocker boxes
                  ARP bolts used in all the important places
                  ARP hardened oil pump drive shaft
                  Sealed power standard oil pump
                  Oil restrictors fitted to cam bearing feeds
                  All bearings are Clevite ( the crank uses HD bearings )
                  Modified Blackjack headers

                  The engines compression ratio worked out at about 9.8 to 1

                  Hopefully I will be getting back to working on the body again soon.
                  The infamous broken down mach1


                    Great to see you getting on with it Karl. Really looking forward to following the build. Good luck.
                    . Cars, photos, wine. What else is there?


                      Thanks for posting the update Karl.

                      All looks good and sounds like you have the build very much in control from the detail of the spec.

                      What the heck is a 9 way adjustable timing set then? I donít have that much adjustment on my car seats.
                      '65 289 "A" Code GT Optioned Coupe, with 4spd Toploader and Arvinode exhaust - sounds great! :D :gears