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    Please read before posting

    Hi Folks, welcome to the Racing Section.

    Please keep all posts in this area of the forum relevant to racing Mustangs only, be it circuit/historic or a day out racing at the drag strip, we'd all like to hear about it.

    Advice for tuning engines & suspension is also most welcome.

    As Mark said, this section is only on trial for three months, so use it or lose it.;)

    But please, no street racing topics
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    Looks like our ace idea of having a race section is catching, the mopar guys want one too!

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      & now they've got one too:D
      Frankenstang™ only available in Kernow

      71-73 Supporters Group


        That's because we all knew it was a good idea.


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          Originally posted by mach1mike View Post

          And in less than a day
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            Just a reminder folks to keep this topic area just for racing, rule of thumb- if in doubt bung it in general.
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              Racing 1971 Mustang: front suspension parts please

              I have now got the 1971 Mustang Mach 1 going really well... reliable weekends in the last two months at Brands Hatch (US Speedfest), Lydden Hill and Spa Francorchamps. Brilliant help from Scotty at Cobra Automotive, CT USA, in identifying the front brakes which are from a Ford Thunderbird and are 12 inch Kelsey-Hayes twin pot, stainless brake caliper piston 1.945 dia.

              Now I need to revise the front suspension which is original parts and giving poor roadholding; wallowing, rolling, not enough camber, not adjustable, ride height too high at the front. You can see the movement at taken. Not good.

              Can you please tell me where I could get the following parts in the UK. Real Steel have drawn a blank unless I replace the whole front end and spar with their Heidts axle and spar.

              1) Shorter and stronger springs. Today I have 12½ inches overall length, strength unknown but assumed to be c. 650 lbs. Seeking springs at 11 inches length and 950-1250 lbs.

              2) Adjustable top wishbone as shown on

              3) Anti-roll bar (whcih the Americans call the sway bar) 1 inch roll bar fitted. Seeking 1⅛ or 1¼ inch thick, and brackets.

              I can get this in the USA but the shipping costs are big as is the import duty (I paid £85 just on the brake pistons). Who has this in the UK please?

              Thanks in advance

              Marcus Bicknell 07748 111444


                Marcus, most race parts in the UK are going to be for '65/'66 cars as that is what is raced generally (the FIA/Masters etc don't think Mustangs existed after those years!!). You're probably going to end up either sourcing parts from the US or getting stuff made to your spec. Coil springs are pretty easy, there are plenty of UK companies that will do just that, 5 minutes on google. Adjustable suspension - pah, whadya want that for ;-).

                BTW, I see you was at Curborough recently, I woulda come along if I'd known, I'm just 15 minutes up the road.
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                  Race suspension

                  Thanks Evomoose. Yes, twas me at Curborough.

                  I am in touch with Cobra Automotive again about the front suspension parts, and, yes, I could get the springs made here (Faulkner, Coil Springs ltd etc) but it would be nice to get the whole package from one UK suipplier. May not exist. I do need the adjustments. Did you watch the video of the amount of suspensions movement? Yes, I have found that FIA is not interested in me... but then I am not FIA conform because the brakes are different and some other detailed stuff. So I shall just enjoy club racing with it and occasional trips to Spa etc. Thanks for your input.


                    No probs Marcus.

                    I'm still running stock suspension arms, locations (other than shelby drop), stock brakes etc etc, no problems handling wise and thats at tracks from Daytona to the Nordschleife. Its a Mustang and it handles like a Mustang, I'd have kept my M3 if I'd wanted a better handling car :D Each to their own etc.

                    Did you enjoy Speedfest? When you out next?
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                      Trying to set mine up for track days slowly going to progress with the suspension don't really know how far to go with it as still want it to be a muscle car not an evo does anyone know what setup was used on trans am cars?



                        Google is your friend.

                        Havn't we 'spoke' before? At a circuit, Silverstone last year?
                        Previously just 'Evomoose'