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American Speedfest 8 - 6th & 7th June 2020

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    American Speedfest 8 - 6th & 7th June 2020

    Dates have now been announced for American Speedfest 8 at Brands Hatch on 6th and 7th June 2020. There are discussions going on at the moment about a new format and I hope to have more details once our application has been approved and we know what is on offer to the club and where.

    As before it will be free for driver and display vehicles with passengers and spectators having to purchase tickets to get in.

    Watch this space.
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    Herts & North London Area secretary.
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    MSV have accepted the registration of MOCGB and you can now book yourself in.

    There was the option offered for me / the committee to select the best 15 cars (in our opinion) and submit them for display in a special, separate area. We declined preferring to be an inclusive club and not choose certain cars and reject others. We consider that this club is for all members and felt we should all be parked together. I have requested 50 spaces to make sure we have capacity for all comers

    It seems we may be on the South side where other clubs like MMA, & MDUK will also be. Its away from the main start finish straight but the view is excellent and there is catering (and it is normally less busy/fewer sticky fingers) with plenty of space to picnic on the grass (not the dusty gravel car park we've been in several times before)

    To book in.........................................(I only see certain pages as I have been before. If youre new you probably have to put in your car details)

    ........go here and tab 7 dropdown "Get involved"....."Individual owners".....then "Click here to register"
    Next page scroll to the bottom, accept the T's and C's and continue
    Next page tick "With a club" then select Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain (Club together) and continue
    Next page pick the days you want (all are free for the display car and driver) and your car.then follow it through and "Submit request"

    MSV will come back to you to confirm you're booked in.

    Herts & North London Area secretary.
    Committee Member - Events - Motorsport


      Well done MOCGB for being inclusive. So all the good clubs are declining to show off the 15 best cars and quite right too. More fool MSV. If they're not careful they'll end up with 15 of the best Chrysler PT Cruisers in the prime locations.
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        Thanks Mark. It was a difficult choice but you're right, we are an inclusive club and whilst we have some fantastic cars in our number, who is going to be Judge and Jury here to select the "BEST 15 cars"?

        Your best 15 are different to the next guys.

        You can see what they're trying to do but its a tricky one. Nobody s interested in rows of near identical RHD "American" Cars so I believe this was their way of 'damage limiting' this situation. You can see Jeeps, PT Cruisers, 300C's, S550's any station car park and they wanted unique show cars on display.

        I had this conversation with Richard Marcroft and James Ceasley before him going back to 2011 about "LHD only" or "Pre 1974,5,6??" but some modern stuff is quite unique and also some RHD are pretty unique in UK.(Aussie muscle for example) so its an unenviable task to try to balance this. I'm sure MSV would welcome any suggestions

        BTW I registered the club with a (best guess) 50 car allocation for the Sunday 'Race Day' and I noticed this morning that 24 have already registered for the Sunday so best get cracking if you want to be parked with the club.

        Herts & North London Area secretary.
        Committee Member - Events - Motorsport


          I just registered hope i can get in. Now just have to wait for a few months


            Awesome! Just got weekend camping tix so we’ll see you all there.

            Is there reasonable security for display cars or would it be just as safe parking next to the tent?



              Just registered for another year. One of the best for American cars


                I've registered for both days too, looking forward to seeing you all there. Hopefully there will be some new facilities over on South Bank.
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