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RAF Odiham families day- 20 AUG 2020!

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    RAF Odiham families day- 20 AUG 2020!

    That time of year once more:

    the RAF Odiham families day will (should) be on 20th August.

    now, if you don’t know about it- where have you been?

    What is this?

    RAF Odiham is the Home of the Chinook helicopter force in the U.K., and hosts one day each year for families of service persons working here to come onto base and enjoy/experience their lives.

    But I’m not a service person?

    Aha! But of course as part of the day they always have exhibitors of all types showing off their pride and joy- you may be some of the those lucky few

    Oh? That sounds interesting?!

    Indeed it is! We almost always have multiple flying displays from the chinook display team (obviously...) BBMF, typhoons display team, red arrows (commitments depending) and various warbirds/civilians displays etc...

    What does it cost?

    Nothing! You’re presence with your vehicle is your payment- if you wish you make a contribution to one of our forces charities that will always be gratefully received

    Those who have been before, please chime in with your experiences/photos.

    Any questions etc please send them to me, or add them to this thread if relevant to all.


    Last years post:

    Thanks for the heads-up - it's on the calendar!

    ...and after all the rain we've had lately I'd even look forward to another day as hot as last year - well maybe a tad less so actually.

    Been 2 or 3 times before and highly recommend it as a great day out and worthwhile for showing support to our forces.

    I just hope I don't forget to check nearer the time and get on the list!

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      Dave, I’m in please.
      I really missed coming last year, it’s a fantastic event !
      Mind if I adjust your shift stick?


        Yes please Dave, count me in

        Been every year since this started, always a good day out

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          I will check my holiday dates, always a good day out. Bit warm last year being the hottest day of year, better than raining though!


            Yes please Dave. No one should miss this fantastic event. Will you be able to make it yourself this year. Looking forward to this. Will get on & sort out hotel now date is confirmed.


              Yes please! Order slightly cooler weather though.


                Great family day out and always a privilege to attend.
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                  Hi, how do I sign up ?


                    Originally posted by Blue2067 View Post
                    Hi, how do I sign up ?
                    Just make it known on this thread that you want to come along (oh, you have already) and keep an eye out for updates.
                    Forgot to say you need to be an upstanding member of the community or you might be shot on site! (or maybe not!)


                      In terms of the planning - despite the initial parking-up glitch - we actually ended up in a really nice spot last year - right next to planes and also the trees for some shade.

                      Be great if we could request the same place this time.
                      '65 289 "A" Code GT Optioned Coupe, with 4spd Toploader, lowered on Konis with export and Monte Carlo braces, and Arvinode exhaust - sounds great!


                        Dave, great we're in! Can we bring both cars?
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                          Originally posted by P-51 View Post
                          Dave, great we're in! Can we bring both cars?
                          Possibly- will depend on how many people we get signing up/how many spaces we get.


                            Sign me up please I’ll book the time off work.
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                              I would like to come again please .