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    The Mustangs

    The Mustangs were a Rock and Roll group who even made a tour of America only 9 years ago. Unfortunately with family commitments and work they disbanded a few years ago ​​​​​​ But the young Drummer is a life long friend of mine ​​​​​​ and although he does play in another band called the Time warp I have been talking about him getting his band back together for one event at least and if it’s a success which I know it will be then making themselves available for Christmas parties or rock n roll nights and they have had a reputation for being one of the very best Blues Brothers tribute acts about. I have a venue with parking bars dance floors hotel rooms etc so there’s no reason why anyone who wanted to attend couldn’t have a drink a dance and a right good laugh . We could make it a charity event with all proceeds going to a worthwhile cause ( group decision) after it is safe to do so of course!
    one thing left is to ask for you the judges decision? ? Would you be interested if I can sort this out?
    I would have no trouble organising someone to film this for the club if that’s what you would like? Majority decision ​​​​​​.

    Let me know your thoughts