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    Parts diagrams

    Can anyone tell me if you can get access to parts look up website/dvd/software? My ignition barrel has come out and I can't figure what keeps it in. (2012 GT)

    Some cars you have to drill a hole in the housing, turn the key to position 1 and insert something into the hole to depress a pin and the you can pull out the barrel leaving the housing in place. Others the hole is already there and others are not designed to come out, either way it shouldn't come out easily. If I was you I would remove the plastic steering shrouds and have a look to see what is amiss.
    Post a pic on here of the key barrel and someone may be able to help.


      As Anaconda has said there’s a locking pin in the bottom of the barrel. Haynes manual also confirms this.



        Is this picture what you have ended up with ? You can see the pin on the top in the picture, I wonder if the spring under the pin has failed therefore letting the pin drop into the cylinder and then the cylinder can fall out of the housing.

        RockAuto also sell them as a kit

        Edit: Obviously you need to use the tumblers that match your key/key barrel. In fact you might be able to use your original inner barrel and the new outer housing.
        If you balls it up you will need to get a locksmith to make it up to match your car.
        Back in the day you could use all the same tumblers as a cheat but I can't remember what number it was, of course the down side to this is any Ford key would fit!

        Edit Again!! something like this
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          Hi folks, thanks for the advice, it really helped.

          I think I have now fixed it. It was the locking pin as per the picture below. It has either sheared or worn? So, I've managed to drill a small hole and glue the drill into the hole and cut off the rest of the drill bit. I'm not sure how long it will last so I'd better order another barrel asap.
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