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2010 sony sync audio system european codes

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    2010 sony sync audio system european codes

    Hi there!

    I just bought for winter season 2010 Ford Taurus SHO 4wd last week, and I have a little problem with radio. FM radio is tuning only odd frequencies like etc. And IŽthink 2010+ Mustangs have a same issues. I try to study something about this from the web, and there is several different solutions for this problem. Somebody is saying that software update is enough, others say that you have to do some mechanical changes to the radio? If software, where could I download it? Because I'm not able to download it from Ford pages, they are not accepting my Vin code, in US or Finland for some reasons. And how to do it mechanically then? Off course you can change whole system, but i like to keep it as original.

    Thanks for advance!

    Jarkki from FMOC Finland

    You can only get odd number frequencies. You’ll have to get a band expander or buy a new head unit to get all channels. This is not a 10+ mustang problem it’s all mustangs.
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      Thanks musti!


        You can pick up some stations but will fall out of tune and you will then need to pick up a different local station.
        I do believe you can send the unit away to get the inside changed somewhere on mainland EU but cant remember where I read it, I think it might have been a post on here by one of the dealers. Listen to a CD instead?

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