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2016 Bonnet Paint Rust/Corrosion

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    2016 Bonnet Paint Rust/Corrosion

    Washing the car last weekend, and came across some paint rust/corrosion on the front bonnet edge.

    Car was registered Jan 2016, so I believe the Paint & Surface Warranty is in-line with the 3 year warranty which ended in Jan this year.
    Contacted the purchasing dealer, who advised they have no bodyshop so unable to help, and referred me to an alternative dealer with bodyshop facilities.

    Visited yesterday morning, and manager has taken photos in order to send off to Ford CRC.
    The car has full Ford service history from new, however on the defensive the manager pointed out that the service record book does not contain any stamps for the 'Body and Paint Check Record'.

    I've reviewed all invoice and service documentation from the last 3 years and they all state under "Body and Paint Check Completed" - "Not Applicable".
    Can anyone tell me, are you expected to request/pay more money for a Body & Paint Check to be completed?

    Photos of issue below, interested to know if anyone else has had this issue, and how it was resolved in/out of warranty?

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Thank you

    It is a know problem with Mustang hoods going back quite a few years, some cars have it some don't, a quick google of Mustang Hood Bubbling will give you an idea on the issue. Most owners with the issue in the earlier models (S197's) tend to replace the hood with a fibreglass/carbon one.

    I suppose the next step is to see what Ford say about the problem and the warranty - the only thing I can say I have seen is someone recommending you get the service book stamped re Body and Paint Check Record.
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      Nice to see after all these years Ford STILL can't make and paint a bonnet correctly! Tell them you want a new bonnet and if your dealer hasn't completed your service sheet correctly then its still down to them to sort it out not you. Surely body and paint is longer than 3 years, in fact I can't believe Ford only offer a 3 year warranty any way!
      Lets us know how you get on.

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        Might be worth contacting gtr edd on here he is bodyshop manager of alan ford and i know for fact he has just gone through a bonnet warranty on his own personal s550


          Does anyone know why this happens? I read about the issue before I got mine and all I do to try and prevent it is clean and dry the shuts regularly to make sure no crap is sitting in there. If there is no breach of the original paint surface and the corrosion is coming from beneath the paint then surely Ford don't have a leg to stand on....


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              A few people had the same issue its the old aluminium on steel issue not uncommon on lots of fords