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    Exterior car covers

    Iíd appreciate any recommendations for exterior car covers. I need one that is rain proof and breathable.

    In the past, Iíve used Auto-Storm by J.F.Stanley but they donít do one specifically tailored for the S550.

    Ideally not expecting to pay more than about £200 and donít want it to look too flash.

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    We recently bought an"Ultimate" outdoor car cover from Classic Additions for my wife's car. It works very well. Not waterproof (this apparently would lead to condensation affecting the paint) but rain resistant. It fits well, despite being a 'universal' pattern. A friend with a lot more cars than garage space uses this make of cover for his cars.


      I bought a stormforce one for my 67 mustang, but must admit i take it off once a week weather permitting to let breath a little. Granted ive only had it on the car a few weeks now but at least its covered and with all the rain recently its definatly rain proof.



        Hi Dave,

        +1 for Classic Editions Ultimate. I've had one for just over two years and use it on my 197 and can't fault it.

        Just be careful when using it......

        - I always wash and dry the car before fitting it.

        - Brush it off before removing it.

        - When removing and folding up, don't let the outside come into contact with the inside surface.



          I use the genuine FORD outdoor cover - not within your budget though as I think it was around £300. Have a search on ebay as a FORD dealer may be selling old stock etc...

          As for using one without any issues - I completely reinforce what Pete has said!


            Another Classic Additions purchase here, mine's been excellent too but be careful if you plan to leave it under a tree. I did for a short while and the bird droppings stained my cover terribly. The only care instructions are washing it with a mild car shampoo, that didn't work so I went a bit further and ruined the waterproofing so had to buy another. Now I keep the old one just in case i ever need to park under our tree again - but its an expensive mistake.
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