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Saving a Dead Battery Capability

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    Saving a Dead Battery Capability

    A while ago I asked the question as to what would happen if the Battery were disconnected for a month or 3, and while a number of folk had had flat Batteries after leaving the car for a while, a definitive answer wasn't there .

    So if anyone thinks this is the answer, well it's not , but I have discovered something else which before anyone says, it's already in the small print in the User Manual, well it might very well be, but my attention span wanders after reading 5 or 6 pages .

    I needed to leave the car for 3 months plus, and thought of disconnecting the Battery, OK there may be a way to do it, but every variation I tried of locking the car and undoing the Battery, made the Alarm go off. So after spending a while xxxxing the neighbours off, I decided that I would simply leave it locked, and fully expected to find a flat Battery which would be unlikely to be brought back to life. However starting it today after nearly 15 weeks I was amazed to find that the pressing the fob unlocked the door, and that all the dash lights came on . A warning came up saying that the electrics were turned off because the Battery had reached a very low level with a bar chart showing about 15% left in it. So I put it on charge for a few hours, and low and behold it started straight away implying to me that the Battery wasn't Fubar, and that everything was going to be okay.

    Not sure if I was lucky or what, but seems that the car measures when the Battery is low, and goes into sleep mode which was exactly what I wanted it to do .

    You lucky so-n-so...

    Last time I didn't drive my car for about 6 weeks the car died on the driveway. Ended up have to charge the battery up fully, re-do dashboard settings (time, temp., etc). Now i ensure the car's driven thoroughly every few weeks. Could be i just have a crap battery


      Originally posted by Bedford Muscle View Post
      You lucky so-n-so...:
      if only, doesn't extend to Lottery numbers

      Assume all Mk6's do it (will have to check the User Manual), and if so, a really good and useful feature to have .