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Active exhaust install in UK

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    Active exhaust install in UK

    So I'd like a little more noise from the exhaust and also the twin tips at the rear, but I'm also mindful of the neighbours and sometimes have to get up early-ish

    I'd read about the possibility of an active exhaust whereby you can broadly select normal or hooligan modes and am interested in pursuing this further.

    Has anyone on here had something like this done? If so, what is your experience?

    Specifically I'm after speaking to a place that can do it but also knowing if when in normal mode, is it any louder at all to stock?

    Thanks in advance.

    Modurstang is the place I would recommend.
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      There is an aftermarket exhaust made by x-force that is supposedly decent but I have no first hand experience of it. I think jw racing and gt101 are dealers. Otherwise roush or Ford retrofit but either will be expensive I'm sure.


        We have it on our ‘19 car and it’s crazy how little noise it can make....only use it when we leave early or arrive late at home. Any option for it, I’d recommend it.


          I have the x-force 3” system supplied and fitted by GT101, and really is best if both worlds.

          With flaps shut it is quieter than stock but livens up considerable with flaps open. But as it still has a centre resonator, it doesn't go as loud as my old Roush & h-pipe set-up. Therefore GT101 got an h-pipe fabricated for me and now it’s as loud as I wanted it to be and still stock’ish volume when required.

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