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Sync3 Navigation Fault

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    Sync3 Navigation Fault


    Is anybody else having trouble with the sat nav in their Mustang?
    Mine starts OK and calculates route then, after a few minutes, comes up with "Navigation Fault" on the screen and the route map disappears. The lovely lady still gives verbal directions but no map shows.

    I have done the latest update and tried a factory reset but to no avail!

    I have had this problem on my 2018 while on holiday in the Isle of Man. Took it to my local Ford dealer when I got back home, they told me, the updates have to be done by Ford. Apparently when connected to your WiFi it does not update the sync system, if there is an update available, even if it tells you it has! Seems very odd to give that option and yet not do anything.

    Had and a factory reset done, waiting to see what happens.




      I have recently carried our a fully SYNC 3 update and a MAP update. They take ages and you will need a decent internet connection and a large capacity USB stick. All of the instructions are on the FORD web site (somewhere in the SYNC section - you just enter your full chassis no) with full instructions - which I would recommend downloading and printing for reference as you will need to be in the car for a while for both updates...
      Hope that works.


        Further update to Sync 3 problems, Ford customer services confirmed there s a problem, the temporary fix is to do a factory reset, and turn the WiFi off. They are suggesting a fix will be available for quarter 3.

        We will have to wait and see, so far reset and WiFi off I have not had any further problems.


          When I took my Mustang in the other week, I was told there would be an update at the end of the month. Not sure how reliable that information is, but Iím keeping a lookout for it. I was told that over the air updates are not working and itís a known issue. I was told Iíd need to use a USB memory for the next update.