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Transmission cooling lines

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    Transmission cooling lines

    Bit of an odd one, ive searched the web over and over but cant really find a definitive solution.

    My transmission lines are old, they arent corroded and they work, no leaks etc... however they are too close to the exhaust manifold for my liking and too close to the sterring linkage to the point where they will touch and move during some full lock manouvers.

    Now ive looked into getting a new set of lines and the cheapest is around 93 however im concerned that this will not fit because No.1 I have a magnaflow exhaust system and shelby headers which is not standard and No.2 american car parts never fit without being altered or hit with a hammer.

    The other option which id prefer is to get some stainless steel braided PTFE racing hose which can be used with oil and fuel etc.. and join it half way onto the steel lines and route it along the frame rail away from everything hot and moving, the only downside to this is that I find it confusing how to connect it up.

    I dont really care about things being concourse correct, aslong as everything functions the same or better and is of a good reliable standard and out of the way.

    Has anyone got anyone attempted this before?

    I would buy some suitable rubber hose, cut the metal pipe and attach it with jubilee clips (hose clamps or whatever people choose to call them). You could use a reflective heat shield to cover them if you want to, or you could probably buy a rubber hose with the heat shield on it already.
    I had to cut mine for some reason I can't remember and that is what I did, I dare say it cost me nothing as I probably had a spare bit of hose in the garage.

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