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Auxillary Electric fan for 302---

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    Auxillary Electric fan for 302---

    I have a 302 with aluminium radiator and belt driven fan .
    I have not yet had any serious overheating up to now but then I have never been badly caught up in traffic.

    As a winter job I was thinking of adding an additional 12" electric fan .
    My plan would be to have main cooling to be still done by the the belt driven fan ( I like to keep engine room looking "old school") and have an electric fan fitted to the front of the radiator which would have thermostat setting higher than normal running so would come on only really when car is idling at a standstill for a length of time.
    Keeping the engine drive fan would also give me peace of mind in case electric fan fails (whihc could be the result of my installation no performing as it should have!!)

    I realise that the air flow would be more restricted but still think there would be some benefit having the back up electric fan.
    Anyone done this , and any advise?

    I think it is doable. You would have t find a fan that is designed to be mounted on the front of the rad otherwise one designed to fit on the rear of the rad turned around would not really work. Also a shroud on the front fan would be restricting air flow over the rad in normal operation. Look at this web site about turning the fan around.

    All in all I think it is a good idea. I'm not bothered about originality so have a huge ali rad and a huge electric fan. Its good in even the worst traffic jams. There is nothing so "un cool" as pulling over with steam coming out the front.


      Fans I have being looking at can be puah or pull (changed by polarity to the motor as far as I can see.)
      My only reservation are:
      1. Restricted air flow meaning than nominal running temperature increases
      2. Higher current draw on the electrics. I have fitted a 50 A fuse to alternator and battery and although I doubt I would get close to blowing the fuse unless all electrical items were on max.

      But both of above I can esaily prove out at home without get caught out on the road!

      Another advantage to fit in front of the radiator is that it is less visible to aestatically is more pleasing.
      I guess I just would like to hear from someone who has done this already!


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