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Door alignment

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    Door alignment

    The passenger door on my 68 hardtop is difficult to close but when it is latched it’s really well aligned and gapped. I think it may be sitting a little bit low and the striker is pulling it up when it’s being closed, hence the extra resistance, so I was going to try and move it up.

    Has anyone got any articles or advice on how best to do this adjustment, ideally with the fender left on, I couldn’t really find anything that showed the adjustments being made on youtube and the manual isn’t much help either? One video showed a curved hinge adjustment spanner but didn’t show it being used?


    So when the door is open fully, can the door be lifted on his hinges? This is normally caused by worn hinges, New hinges or rebuild your hinges sorts the issue.
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      As Peter says if the hinge pin bushings are very worn they should be sorted.

      There are a couple of ways to lift the door, the correct way is awkward with the fender on but not impossible with a half moon ring spanner.

      Or the sleazy way with the door just open enough to get a length of 3x2 and a trolley jack under and lift away

      Good luck


        Thanks for the quick responses! cheers