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1969 Sportsback - Doors, windows and weatherstrip HELP! :D

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    1969 Sportsback - Doors, windows and weatherstrip HELP! :D

    Hi All,

    I 'think' I'm missing all of the rubber weatherstrip around my doors and generally need to replace everything related to the windows and where the windows and doors combine.

    For anyone that has a correctly restored 1969, please can you help me figure out exactly what I need?

    Are there two layers of rubber weatherstrip on the doors, similar to modern vehicles? For example, I can see there is a channel along the bottom of the door for a rubber, I think this is the following:

    Then the diagram below seems to show a second strip that goes around the entire circumference of the door 20530 or this?

    Then finally there is another bit not shown on the photo below? &jsn=986​​​​​​​

    Then for the window side of things there appears to be a load of trim pieces which appears to come as a kit:​​​​​​​

    Am I going about this the right way or just ballsing this up? :D

    Finally (and sorry for all the questions), I removed my nice shiny kick-plates/lower door entry plates earlier as I discovered the doors were rubbing on them, damaging the plates, doors and bodywork beneath (also the doors wouldn't close fully). I'm guessing this is because the doors or hinges just need to be adjusted, or could the plates be incorrect? Is there something that is supposed to go between the plates and the body to stop the plates gouging into the paintwork?

    ​​​​​​​Thank you!

    Click image for larger version

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    Just completed this on my doors.
    The first part no. is junk leave them off (and leave them alone) The second part no is the door seal (three screws to the rear, one screw to the front) glue to door. Third part no is what they call the fuzzies fit along top of door, glass runs against these. There is a small seal (20264 on your drawing) that you well may need. If the door is clouting the scuff plate/body you may get lucky and be able to adjust the door, but after fifty odd years my guess would be worn hinges. Out of interest unless your on a budget fit the better quality seals (Daniel Carpenter) from the likes of NPD.

    Best wishes


      Thank you, that was very helpful. I've had a look at those window trim / seal bits on NPD - never seen Daniel Carpenter Mustang bits before... They are quite expensive, I suspect the shop that restored my 1969 back in 2014 couldn't be bothered or didn't pony up (excuse the pun).

      I've previously found what 'appears' to be the same kit of parts as the NPD individual items for what now seems like quite a reasonable price?

      Will still have to get the fuzzies and 20264 seal. Funnily enough with my previous lack of understanding/knowledge the only bit I had ordered was the first part.

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        You are very welcome.
        What you have shown from mustang manic is the fuzzies both doors inner and outer, they list the weatherstrip under doors (60.00)
        Unless your in a hurry, or are very confident you can adjust the doors (you well may need replacement hinge pins and bushes) in the long term putting a order together to NPD will save money.
        I can't believe the good people on this site haven't badgered you for pictures. Post some pictures the 69 is a very popular model people may well spot a few obvious omissions or requirements.
        Let us help you spend your money !!!

        Best wishes