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Cranking with ignition in position 1

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    Cranking with ignition in position 1

    Hi all

    I wondered of anyone could assist with the ignition issues I'm experiencing. The car cranks when the ignition is switched on, rather than having to turn the key to crank/position 2.

    I was having issues whereby the car wasn't cranking at all, and the solenoid was making a horrible noise like it was trying to engage. I fitted a new solenoid which didn't help, but since then I've replaced the baterry cables, solenoid to starter lead and block to firewall earth strap.

    Upgrading the cables, cleaning the earth points and repairing a couple of broken wires has solved the non cranking issues but still cranks with ignition on and doesn't disengage the starter if the engine fires up. I have ohm tested all the solenoid to firewall cables to breaks, and all OK. It now cranks with the old solenoid and also new one fitted, and cranks with ignition on with old and new solenoids.

    I have now removed the ignition switch to check the wiring and I can't see any shorts or wires touching. With the ignition switch out, I am bench testing each key position and it appears as though all is in order but need to confirm this fully with a wiring diagram.

    Has anyone experienced similar or got any pointers of what to check?

    1966 Mustang with a 289 v8.

    Have you inadvertently swapped the small wires on the solenoid? That would put the ignition feed onto the solenoid coil & cause that issue.


      Double checked that as well but the issue began before I changed the solenoid, and it's definitely wired correctly.


        You'd imagine it has to either be a faulty switch or the wiring not correct onto the switch as all the switch does is feed power to the solenoid which is what it is doing on position 1 rather than position 2.

        This link may help?


          Bad or wrongly wired ignition switch.


            Yeah, I've bench tested the switch and so has my local garage. All seems fine. Going to have to do some more checks on the wiring it seems.


              There should only be four wires on the ignition switch

              Black/green is your accessories power and goes to the centre post of the switch
              Yellow is the power into the switch
              Red/green is the power to the coil and to the "I" side of the starter solenoid
     goes to the "S" side of the solenoid.

              First off check the Red/blue and Red/green are on the correct terminals of the solenoid.

              If they are then disconnect them at the coil and solenoid and also at the ignition switch. Use a multimeter to check that there is no continuity between the two wires.

              If not check the switch again to make sure when in the running position there is no continuity to the Red/green post of the switch from the yellow wire post.


                Thanks, Allan. You always have good advice to give! After getting the switch bench tested by my local garage to confirm my findings, next steps are to refit and test the wires fully as per your instructions. Hope to have some good news soon!