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Voltage regulator

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    Voltage regulator

    1965 Kcode
    Voltage regulator, charging at 12.8 on idle causing interior light is flicker, at higher rpm charging at 14.7
    cannot adjust to get idle up to a higher rate. Looks like the original regulator
    car came with spare regulator which is good on idle 13.6 but at higher rpm goes to 17. Volts. This one looks new.
    I have followed the Ford work shop manual on adjusting these regulators without much success
    any suggestions apart from getting a new one.
    car is a Hipo which has bigger pulley.

    There is nothing that someone hasn't already seen on a Mustang:

    "the way i was taught was simply hook up a volt meter to the battery with the engine not running to get a baseline voltage reading.
    then start the car, if your reading over the baseline 12.8 to 13.5 ish your alternator is charging. if the voltage doesn't go up, and the alternator tested good, then replace the regulator.

    i went through 3 new regulators before i found a good one.

    the first one caused the lights to flicker all over the car,
    the second suddenly began to overcharge the battery
    and the 3rd one worked."