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Kick down mechanism on a stock 289 2 bbl.

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    Kick down mechanism on a stock 289 2 bbl.

    I know very little about the Ford V8, so please excuse the odd questions.

    I have a stock 67 289 2bbl, upon delving into things & looking at upgrades etc, I’m hit with questions that I can’t answer. Should a base model 289 2bbl have a kickdown mechanism attached to the carb? Mine hasn’t as far as I can see (picture attached) if I don’t have such a thing… is it genuinely worth it reinstalling this small item? -

    in saying that; (after much discussion and debate with other owners etc) I’m also now going to install a Edelbrock 2121 performer with an AVS2 500 cfm Carb. - will it still need this kick down mechanism?

    I genuinely don’t know if it’s needed or not.

    don’t rip me a new one please.


    The kick down cable is taken from the bottom of the linkage opposite the carb linkage, look lower down by the gearbox. john


      The kickdown is attached to the bottom of the throttle pedal lever under the car as below:

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