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1965 289 Exhaust boxes

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    Originally posted by cokecan View Post
    I'm definitely in the Flowmaster camp! The GoPro vids sound awesome there. Currently looking at a pair of 50 series delta flows but have some questions;

    Not necessarily Flowmaster related but - what kind of offset should I be looking at? I appreciate this pretty much comes down to fitting but the guy I'm looking at using will happily bend pipes to suit which ever type of muffler I get. Some research suggests early 65 K-codes came with centre in/offset out mufflers but I see a lot of people going for offset in/centre out or offset in/offset out.

    I have 2.5" I/D tri-y headers. Current exhaust is barely 2" O/D with nondescript mufflers. Would you go for 2.25" or 2.5" pipes? This will be sitting behind a rebuilt/upgraded 302 with an unknown bhp but would like to make sure which ever pipes I get don't restrict too much in case I want to look at aiming for more bhp in the future.
    K codes had a stock dual exhaust exactly the same as any other factory dual exhaust, I cant remember the offsets on the mufflers, this was a 2" system. this is excepting a few months in 1965 when they got the Arvinode system, which again was 2"

    The performance did not suffer. Pipe sizing is a whole science on its own, but I do know that going too big on bore slows gas velocity and therefore dents performance. I would think 2.5" is getting on the 'big' side for a 302.
    You can never have enough black under the hood.