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    Grounding Out

    Hey All

    I have an issue when I am travelling along A roads - normally at 40+ MPH where the car will hit a bump and "bounce" quite a lot and the sump bangs off the floor, how do I stop this happening (other than travelling slower)?

    Can I put in firmer suspension springs in the front? (I don't think I have actually seen any at the back?)

    Any help that doesn't mean rebuilding the car completely or forcing me to remortgage would be gratefully received.

    Google so far has only revealed complete IFS front end kits and doesn't really answer if this is what will fix my problem.

    Scott & Michelle

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    Sounds like springs if bouncing like that Scott have had there day. Just sounds like new springs to me.
    Assume has shocks also? If so check them.
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      Sounds like shocks, no resistance.

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        Defo shockers if it's bouncing
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