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    Originally posted by Tony View Post
    Hi John,

    Nice car, I take it this was a late 1978 with the new, at that time, UK lighting regulations on the position of the front indicators

    Other than mine, this is the only other photo I have seen with them

    I didn't know the conversion was only on the coupe, do you have any idea what vehicle was used for the steering for the Australian market?


    Mine was one of the very last, registered 1979 (on a T plate). I bought it in 1981 with one previous owner and around 30,000 miles, if I remember.
    I had it for 3 years or so, and piled the miles on it. I think it had about 135,000 on it when sold.

    I don't know how the conversions were carried out on the Aus cars.

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      Service Parts are not that hard to get like others have said but Trim and Mustang II Specific Parts are either Used,NOS or take apart and make do and mend.

      Dont let it put you off though,strange things do happen I bought a boot full of spares from a lovely chap just down the road from me I found through Chronos FB Group :)

      Id say trim will always be a hard one though there is a place in USA Classic Reproductions starting to make bits for them again :-bd

      Mustang II's are a bit of a bargain over in USA though it looks like they are on the Up?

      Get them cheap now while you can before too long they wont be cheap any longer...................................