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Shock Horror Fox Mustang invited on Classic Car run.....

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    Shock Horror Fox Mustang invited on Classic Car run.....

    A couple of weeks ago I participated in the Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury Classic Car Run, based around South Glos. Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset, 2 legs totally 90miles, if you did not go wrong.

    Needed a driver and navigator to follow the predetermined route, down the country lanes.

    It was hard work, but I was well impressed how well my Vert performed.

    Shared the driving with my daughters partner and discovered how much throttle travel there is when you are not paying for the fuel.

    After about 30 miles my Fox started felling better and better, so note to self, a 5 mile round the block is not good enough.


    PS Was good to see Colin F. in his Charger.

    Glad you enjoyed it - so much better to drive our cars rather than sit looking at them in a field!

    Funny on the throttle :D
    1966 Mustang Hardtop - Trans-Am tribute in the making..
    1962 Chevy C-20 Fleetside
    1987 Peugeot 205 GTi track toy
    1974 Ford Econoline E100


      You should drive your fox most days not just round the block. I drive my sn95 every day.


        Good to hear the old girl has had a good run. These old 5.0's like to run. They are solid motors and at the power level they produce, they are very under worked. So no harm in requesting a little more from them occasionally. Stops them getting lazy.

        Same applies to potential son in laws. Need pushing. (Not spoken from experience as my daughter is still only 6 and promises to never leave home.)