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2004 Mustang V6 3.9 Anniversary Model Auto How many litres does the gearbox hold.

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    2004 Mustang V6 3.9 Anniversary Model Auto How many litres does the gearbox hold.

    Does anyone please know how many Litres of oil the Auto Gearbox holds for a 04 Mustang V6 GT 3.9 40th Anniversary Model holds.

    Its my lads car who is a Mechanic with Toyota and even though the car has covered under 40K miles I told him to change the gearbox oil as the car is now 16 years old &
    knowing that's its wise to change Auto gearbox Oil in SN95 Models now would be a good time to do so.

    Its just so he can buy the certain amount of litres before he puts the car on the ramp and drains the old oil from the gearbox.

    many thanks

    Hi Merv

    Presuming its the same transmission as a 3.8, you will need 12.7 quarts (14.43 litres) including the torque converter

    'Mercon V' (I believe) is the only stuff to use to avoid the known issues surrounding these 'boxes

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      Thank you Paul

      That's kind of you to answer the question & thanks for the tip on the actual correct oil as he can now order that on line.

      The car has the same as the 3.8 V6 Engine as in Jarrod Gordon Ford in Orlando FL some of the parts were listed as a 3.8 as well as coming up as a 3.9.

      Apparently the 3.9 Essex Engine had a slightly longer stroke but was identical to the 3.8 Engine, the 3.9 was only used for the last 6 months on SN95 Models in 2004 before
      changing over to the 4.0 V6 Cologne Engine for the 05- S197 Models.